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Russian jeep mountain safari

Vachkazhets, Kamchatka imageVachkazhets, Kamchatka

Jeep tour to Vachkazhes volcano. We use specailly prepared Japanese vans. Vachkazhets volcano and his vicinities is one of the most beautiful places of the primeval Kamchatka's nature. We shall deliver you safely and with maximum comfort possible to the heart of the volcano.

Vachkazhets, Kamchatka imageVachkazhets, Kamchatka

The nature sanctuary includes a combination of picturesque landscapes, exiting geological objects, rare minerals, a remains of ancient fauna, mountain circuses - the hollows in mountains which are shaped as an amphitheater formed by a glacier. Steep rocky slopes of the massif go down to coast of the lake Takhkoloch where the picnic will be organized.

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