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The Pacific imageThe Pacific

We have chartered for your a luxury catamaran with a great team on board for a day of deep sea fishing and to enjoy the magnificent views on volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Avacha and Koryak. We will see larga and seal rookeries, killer whales and dolphins, and wil catch a Big Fish, grouper or halibut!

Avacha Bay imageAvacha Bay

You will visit Avacha Bay, Russian Bay, Starichkov Island - all the top nature's attractions. Fishing equepment is on board, success in guaranteed! Hot lunch and drinks on board.

Starichkov Island imageStarichkov Island

The Starichkov Island is a nature sanctuary and protected area thanks to unique birds' rookery. It is limited access area, as birds nest here. In total, there arew 44 nested colonies of ten species of sea colonial birds, such as hatchets, cormorants, willocks, seagulls.

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