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There has never been a better time to plan to visit Russia than right now.

The attraction and highlights of Russia are difficult to sum up in words. As the largest country in the world, it's not difficult to see how Russia can have it all. From UNESCO listed towns to nightlife rivalling the world's most sleepless cities, Russia packs a vodka-fuelled, culturally rich punch. Thirty years after the demise of the Soviet Union, 2020 is the perfect time to plan your Russian holiday.
At Discovery Russia, we pride ourselves on delivering expert journeys for our Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong-based customers - no matter how you choose to travel. Tailor every aspect of your international adventure with us to suit your budget and interests with flexible departure dates, accommodation options and tour length.
Looking for a multinational package? We also offer a wide selection of trips to stunning destinations including: The Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) ; The Caucasus including Azerbaijan and Georgia; Ukraine; Central Asia including Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and more; China & Mongolia; Scandinavia including Denmark and Norway; and other Eastern European delights.

Come for the magnificent cathedrals; stay for the unmarred wilderness

To say that Russia is the best travel destination in the world right now is a grand statement - but one we feel is justified. Russia has a historical prowess that you'll be pushed to find anywhere else - with stunning architecture and huge museums and galleries to boot. The imperial dreaminess of St. Petersburg, best seen on an evening cruise through the city's canals. The vibrant tapestry of Moscow, where you can walk from the imposing Kremlin to urban hotspots boasting a modern ideology and contemporary thrum. The traditional mastery of the Golden Ring, home to centuries of Mother Russia homage. Siberia, an adventure better left for the more steadfast travellers amongst us - but a rewarding landscape whose harsh exterior shelters a heart of pure gold.
Russia is a trove of surprises, where you're best left to leave expectations at home - particularly if you're expecting to see displays of brute power and a boring crowd of oppressed citizens. A Russian vacation is more likely to greet you with a modern-historic fusion, and a sense of bright optimism on even the most dreary of days. It's hard to miss the cathedrals, palaces, galleries and museums that have attracted visitors to Russia for decades. But the real beating heart of the country lies off the beaten track, in local eateries, Christmas markets and cobblestone lanes. The best way to make the most of Russia? With an all-inclusive package led by the most dependable agency in the business.

At Discovery Russia, we offer a range of tours to suit your preference

We know that everyone's idea of the perfect holiday is different - which is why our agency has crafted a tour to suit every traveller and cover all the highlights of Russia. Whether you're looking for a Trans-Siberian journey, a romantic Winter Wonderland or a beautiful and significant heritage tour, you can rest assured you'll be greeted by the most attentive, capable guides and enjoy a bespoke, small group or private travel experience.

Heritage Tours: An unbelievable way to visit all of the must-sees - no matter what your must-sees are. We have almost 40 hand-crafted heritage packages to choose from, running all year round and lasting from 3 days to 3 weeks. Train Journeys: Take the world's most famous railway adventure. Eastbound and Westbound tours are available on the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian routes. If you're looking for an international experience, our longer journeys travel the length of the railway, including Mongolia and China. Adventures: If a venture into the Russian wilderness is more your speed, we'll take you to some of the world's most remote locations. See wild bears at Kamchatka, enjoy Altai & Baikal trip, or see the Northern Lights from the Kola Peninsula. Senior Travels: Enjoy specially curated experiences for people who don't let age stop them from seeing the world. Don't worry, you won't miss anything - but you will be able to enjoy a slower-paced journey with comfortable transportation options. The Snow Empire: Bring along your warmest coat and see the beauty of Russia in the Winter. Christmas markets, feast days and comfortable railway journeys through ice-covered forests are some of the features of our 19 Winter tour options. Russian Cruises: Rather not change accommodation every few days? A Russian cruise boasts the same guided experience as other tours, without ever having to take an overnight train. Choose from nature-fuelled adventures or an urban experience visiting the likes of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Events: If you've ever travelled for an event, you'll know there's no better way to discover a country's beating heart. Travel in July to Mongolia's Naadam Festival, December and January to ring in the New Year and celebrate Christmas, Russian-style, or September for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Kid-Friendly: Discover Russia with tours suitable for the whole family. We have year-round family travel opportunities to enjoy, including a family-friendly Winter Wonderland, and slower-paced Trans-Siberian journey. Winter Trains: Look over the bleak and unending snow-capped peaks of Russia's most isolated wilderness from the cosy comfort of a fast travelling train. The more cups of hot chocolate (with the odd dash of vodka), the better!

Not just a pretty face - Russia is the full package

Our unique group and private tours are sure to leave you wanting more. With tour guides accompanying your group every step of the way, we're here to make sure your vacation is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Our company continually receives stellar reviews for a reason - find out what others are saying about us, or get in touch with an agent today to plan your 2020/2021 Russian getaway. We'll see you there.


The largest country in the world, Russia is both European and Asian. It has one-seventh of the world’s landmass, and spreads over nine time zones. Imagine this: Pluto has a surface area of 16.6 million km2; Russia has 17 million km2. And yet, for the most part, the vast areas of Siberia and the Far East are uninhabited: the never-ending taiga, the tundra and the Northern territories of extreme cold. (Yes, the coldest spot on the Earth is of course in Russia!)
Russia blends an amazing number of European and Asian large and small nations and tribes into the one-of-a-kind mix the outside world calls “Russians”, and yet, Russians speak over one hundred (yes, one hundred!) languages.

RUSSIA HAS IT ALL: beyond imagination!

The oldest mountains in the world, the Urals and the world’s deepest lake, Lake Baikal. UNESCO World Heritage Sites and forty UNESCO Biosphere reserves. Russia’s biggest city, Moscow, is as cosmopolitan and vibrant as New York; the cultural capital St. Petersburg is in the list of the world’s most beautiful cities. The Russian railroad is the longest in the world, the famous Trans-Siberian... Did you know you can travel from Beijing to London by rail? There are special tourist trains, including luxury trains, or you may opt for the kind of trains that the locals use every day.


Russia’s long and rich history is full of incomparable dramas and social experiments like communism, which are all just one, outstanding story of the nation’s bravery and inspiration. No wonder the Russians even have their own alphabet! In Russia you will find a museum about everything from Arctic aviation to Revolution, from desert wildlife to space travel.
Four of Russia’s rivers are in the top ten longest in the world; the Volga is the longest river in Europe. Take a relaxing cruise on European, Siberian or Far Eastern parts of Russia to discover the amazing diversity of its nature and cultures.


In Russia, we have original, ancient food and drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention the vodka and caviar! Famous souvenirs and national crafts abound. Russia has given so many big names to the world of literature, architecture, theater, art, ballet, science, sport. And space, of course! The first man sent to space was Russian. You may now visit the place where he trained and see where that historic launch happened—or even the places where the authors of your favorite Russian novels spent their lives. Winter or summer, spring or autumn—Russia is so enormous and yet-to-be discovered that whenever you choose to travel, there will be so much to explore; so much to do.

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