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Lake Baikal Tours

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The Best of Siberia: Altai and BaikalTour Type: group or private Season: All year roundCities: Irkutsk Lake Baikal Novosibirsk Altai Duration: 14 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from $3,197 USD per person
Lake Baikal: Siberian SummerTour Type: group or private Season: June - AugustDuration: 8 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from $2,016 USD per person
Siberian Spring: Baikal Awakening & BuryatiaTour Type: Small group Season: April - MayCities: Irkutsk Ulan-Ude Ust -Orda Olkhon Irkutsk Duration: 8 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $1,904 USD per person
Spring at Lake BaikalTour Type: group or private Season: April - MayCities: Irkutsk Ulan-Ude Ust -Orda Olkhon Irkutsk Duration: 6 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $1,637 USD per person
Winter Ice of Lake BaikalTour Type: group or private Season: February - AprilCities: Irkutsk Ust -Orda Olkhon Irkutsk Duration: 5 daysGrade: Winter extremesExtreme low temperatures. No roads, facilities and stores. Weather dependent area.Rate: from $1,709 USD per person
Luxury Baikal AdventuresTour Type: Private Season: January - DecemberCities: Irkutsk Olkhon Baikal North Ulan-Ude Duration: 6 daysGrade: Comfortable extremeRate: from $16,129 USD per person
Ice Age: Lake Baikal & OlkhonTour Type: group or private Season: February - AprilDuration: 6 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from $2,193 USD per person
Siberian Winter WeekendTour Type: Private Season: December - AprilCities: Irkutsk Lake Baikal Duration: 4 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $1,004 USD per person

Travel to Lake Baikal

This is a unique opportunity to visit the most sacred and revered places in Siberia, where you will see the center of Buddhist culture, the famous Ustuu-Khuree Buddhist Temple, performance of traditional Tuvan throat singing, taste Tuvan national dishes and take part in the ceremony of Kamlaniye! It is a year round destination. Lake Baikal winter activities include snow mobiles, husky dogs, sledging, ice diving, hot springs bathing in the mountains. On top of that, there is this unique transparent ice of Lake Baikal with amazing options like ice crossing & ice sailing. You can literally walk on the lake. Mecca for nature photograpers, Lake Baikal is a Russian winter hot spot.

During this extraordinary journey to very special, unique places you will get to know the beautiful, largest freshwater lake in the world , Baikal, and the mighty Altai Mountains, old Irkutsk town and scientific center of Russia, Novosibirsk. You will ride by the famous Trans-Siberian train, you will see Siberian countryside and you will definitely enjoy the hospitality of Siberian people! Tour to lake Baikal in winter will undoubtedly become one of the highlights of your stay in Russia.

We will remind you what a huge part of the Asian continent Siberia really is. You will travel to a Buryat town of Ust-Orda and visit the Datsan monastery to meet the Buddhist Lama. Ust-Orda village is home to the indigenous Buryat people. The Ust-Orda Museum has a rich collection of exhibits on Buryat history and culture. Here in Datsan you will meet the Lama, Renchen, who has been commissioned to start the reconstruction of the Buddhist Monastery, destroyed during Soviet times. Lunch with traditional Buryat food (salad, soup, pozy (Buryat steamed meat dumplings), dessert, and drinks, including traditional vodka.

What does a tour to Baikal offer?

➤ Spectacular hiking with sightseeing

➤ extreme rallies on quads, snowmobiles and even dog sledges

➤ horse and bicycle tours of Baikal and its environs

➤ ice skating at the world's largest natural ice rink

➤ mysterious "place of power" - Olkhon Island

➤ relaxing holidays at the shores

➤ unique tourist routes as part of real expeditions from Baikal to Mongolia and Altai

Each place on Lake Baikal is unique in its own way. So, in Baikalsk you will have an active pastime with a lot of sports entertainment, a ski resort with European service, beach holidays in the summer and much more. On the island of Olkhon you will see his business card - Shamanka Rock, in Listvyanka you will enjoy developed infrastructure and youth entertainment, going to Arshan, you will visit the so-called Siberian Switzerland.

We arrange small group and custom private journeys including luxury tours and signature Lake Baikal winter photography tour. It can be an expedition through Lake Baikal itself or a comprehensive trip from Lake Baikal to Mongolia and Altai.

Signature tours to Lake Baikal may also involve various conditions of residence and movement in Siberia. You can stay on a comfortable tourist base, choose a holiday in cottages and even in tents located on the ice thickness of frozen Baikal in winter. Call now for the the best holiday deals.

Tours to Buryatia, the country of its own

➤ Old believers

➤ Buryat people, shamans and buddists

➤ Secluded national parks

➤ Evenki people

➤ Buryatia: land of 110 nations

➤ Kyahta – eastern gates to Mongolia

➤ Complete at Irkutsk, Paris of Siberia

Orthodox architecture and monasteries of 18-19 century in the old villages lost near the Mongolian borders... The largest Lenin’s head monument in the word. Buddist temples - datzans... Meeting the lama... Old believers villages and typical Buryat villages. Private cultural performances of Russian and Buryat cultures.. An excursion to the Old Believer village is a real trip to history. We visit the Old Orthodox Church, meet at the Old Believers' courtyard with rites, customs, unique polyphonic singing and Old Russian dishes.

“Semeiskye people”, old believers in Buryatia is the only group of Russian people in Siberia that has preserved to this day the traditions and foundations of the life of pre-Petrine Russia – religion, daily routine, meals & cedar samogon. Sacred places, hot springs, amazing nature.

And then, travel to the secluded Barguzin valley and national park (country "Bargujin-Tokum," which is also mentioned by the Persian historian Rashid Ad-Din in the "Collection of Chronicles," wilderness, deaf man, outskirts, so you can translate the name of this land)) with a unique location and terrain. The land with a special microclimate, where the legendary mighty wind Barguzin is formed from the breath of mountain peaks, the sacred valley and Lake Baikal. There are few places on earth where there are so many natural monuments, unique healing springs and mud, many legends and legends, including those associated with the name of Genghis Khan's mother, the sacred Oelun.

Steppe, taiga, mountains there is everything in Buryatia. You can do horse riding in the mountains or take radon baths. Visit places of power of Buryat people. Get stunned by the natural beauty of the eastern shores of Lake Baikal, unspoiled and majestic wilderness. See "Suvan Saxon Castle" -a sacred place of Evenki people. They believed that among the huge stone blocks, the host spirits of the winds live at the foot of the Ikat ridge. Ininsky Garden of Stones, located on the territory of more than 10 sq.m. Legend has it, the two rivers Ina and Barguzin hit the gate, who would be the first to reach Lake Baikal. Barguzin, without a bag, went on the way in the evening. It was the net morning when Ina found out that the opponent, having left earlier, was already close to the goal. She immediately rushed behind him with powerful flows, spreading huge boulders along the way, which to this day lie on its shores.

Kyakhta, near Mongolian border is the eastern gate of the Great Tea Way. Here you will get acquainted with the works of architecture of the ancient merchant city, where each street stores a centuries-old history and memory of the wonderful townspeople of Troitskosavsk (the early name of Kyakhta). The houses of eminent merchants, famous philanthropists, tea warehouses, customs and one of the most unique museum collections in Siberia in the Academician V. A. Obruchev Museum of Local Lore - Siberian Hermitage.
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