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Lake Baikal Tours

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The Best of Siberia: Altai and BaikalTour Type: group or private Season: All year roundCities: Irkutsk Lake Baikal Novosibirsk Altai Duration: 14 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from $3,197 USD per person
Lake Baikal Adventures: Siberian SummerTour Type: Small group Season: June - AugustDuration: 8 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from $1,935 USD per person
Winter Ice of Lake BaikalTour Type: group or private Season: February - MarchDuration: 7 daysGrade: Winter extremesExtreme low temperatures. No roads, facilities and stores. Weather dependent area.Rate: from $2,177 USD per person

Travel to Lake Baikal

This is a unique opportunity to visit the most sacred and revered places in Siberia, where you will see the center of Buddhist culture, the famous Ustuu-Khuree Buddhist Temple, performance of traditional Tuvan throat singing, taste Tuvan national dishes and take part in the ceremony of Kamlaniye!

During this extraordinary journey to very special, unique places you will get to know the beautiful, largest freshwater lake in the world , Baikal, and the mighty Altai Mountains, old Irkutsk town and scientific center of Russia, Novosibirsk. You will ride by the famous Trans-Siberian train, you will see Siberian countryside and you will definitely enjoy the hospitality of Siberian people!

We will remind you what a huge part of the Asian continent Siberia really is. You will travel to a Buryat town of Ust-Orda and visit the Datsan monastery to meet the Buddhist Lama. Ust-Orda village is home to the indigenous Buryat people. The Ust-Orda Museum has a rich collection of exhibits on Buryat history and culture. Here in Datsan you will meet the Lama, Renchen, who has been commissioned to start the reconstruction of the Buddhist Monastery, destroyed during Soviet times. Lunch with traditional Buryat food (salad, soup, pozy (Buryat steamed meat dumplings), dessert, and drinks, including traditional vodka.
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