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  • Destination focused

    ➤Discovery Russia specializes in tours to Russia and neighboring countries. We operate in Mongolia  and China as parts of our great Trans Mongolian train journeys;  we arrange tours in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Caucasus and Middle Asia (Post-Soviet countries) 

    ➤   Plan your perfect trip to Russia with our selection of one-of-a-kind experiences. Russian tourist destinations are spread over two continents, nine time zones and many climates. Once you decide when you want to go and what you would like to explore,  you will find a great Russia tour package with Discovery Russia

    ➤Discovery Russia operates in Russia via  our own tour operating local company.  That is why we are able to provide best rates and services on Russian travel market 

    ➤We create culturally enriching  and carefully curated journeys

    Our experience-based tours are constantly developed by the leading destination experts to provide more value to our travelers

    We provide in-depth local experience and knowledge

  • Trustworthy

    Western-owned and based company

     Our own Russian tour operating company TUR IST LLC,  fully licensed by the Russian Ministry of Tourism. Number in the Federal Regustry of Tour Operators РТО 019668. ORGN: 1117746230953. INN: 7708736249, KPP 770801001

    Australian business number (ABN):  396 163 47 150

     We are IATA- TIDS accredited  Travel Industry Provider.  TIDS Code: 96861903

     We provide full legal support to apply for the Russian, Mongolian & Chinese visa. If your citizenshop requires a visa to one of our other destination contries,  we shall provide relevant  visa support as well

  • 24/7 support

    We operate in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand,  Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia at local times

    24/7 online chat and phone pre-tour support, destination expert is always available  

    24/7 English-speaking  personal tour manager during the trip

    24/7 English-speaking emergency line available

  • More value

    Our tours have more inclusions than many lookalikes

    No hidden costs:  all entrance tickets as per program are already included

    Bilingual escort & professional tour directors on group tours

    5% off the published rates for repeating guests

    Hand-picked hotels in the downtowns.  Unlike many other companies, we never accommodate you outside the city centers

    The best  professional and certified guides   with rave reviews from our travelers

    We can tailor your trip even if you join one of our set group departures

    We combine tours to Russia with the Baltics, Central Asia, Caucasus, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Mongolia & China and create a comprehensive travel package

    Frequent group departure dates:  easy to combine with European destinations and cruises

    Wide range of destinations and tours available

    We fit your travel style: choose between 3*, 4* or   5* hotel even if you join a group tour

  • Safety

    100% guaranteed departures

    0% cancellation rate in 2018-2019

    Instant confirmation for group departures

    TrustPilot score:  Excellent, 4.8 out of 5

    Your safety during the trip is our primary concern when you travel with Discovery Russia. We take care of you from the moment your plane lands at the airport and until we say our farewells. Our guides, drivers and local team are available 24 hours to assist you with any matters arising

  • Small groups & private journeys

    ➤Small groups are really small (up to 22 people)

    ➤Group departures are 100% guaranteed

    ➤Group tours are fully  escorted by bilingual tour director

    ➤Private tours on request to fit  any budget. Vary duration of your journey, hotel grade, choose the places to visit and activities to partake - do Russia your way! 

  • Easy booking

    Book online, by phone or email

    Flexible payment plan

    All currencies acceptable

    All major credit cards accepted

    No hidden costs

    No booking fee

    Friendly cancellation policy

  • Travel Insurance

    ➤ We will assist you to purchase covid-related insurance policy to plan travelling with peace of mind. 

  • Pandemic

    ➤ Operations and staff

    ➤ ➤ As a tour operator, we  are determined to ensure our  operational  staff  is prepared to deliver the highest experience to our guests in the  "new normal" of post-covid travels.  We have developed a COVID-19 prevention plan including an action/checklist for infection prevention.

    ➤ ➤ All our vendors and local providers are carefully checked to comply with strict hygiene requirement.  Hotels have adopted appropriate cleanliness and disinfection best practices validated by expert bodies, health authorities and governmental institutions. That includes protocols and guidelines for staff health, including health checks for staff if required by local legislation.

    ➤ ➤ Our staff operates 24/7 under stay-at-home routine  where possibel as per World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to minimise physical contact.

    ➤ ➤ Local guides are tested regulary and are obliged to wear masks when on tours. 

    ➤ ➤ We have implemented physical distancing protocols where required by local legislation.

    ➤ ➤ All payments are  contactless. Personal visit to the office is not required, our sales managers operate online 24/7. 

    ➤ ➤ All our groups are smalelre groups, under 20 people.

    ➤ ➤ Entrance tickets, train tickets, air tickets  are purchased in advanced and handled by the tour guide/tour director. Our travelers do not need to touch any papers. 

    ➤ ➤ Staff  is fully prepared to operate in new environment by implementing staff protocols and guidelines, including tour guide, coach/drivers and local specialists regarding infection control, physical contact, sharing of food and utensils, appropriate attire, and enhanced hygiene measures, the use of masks and gloves as recommended by local health authorities or as required by the tour operators procedures when these go beyond local requirements.

    ➤ ➤ Guest are expained the new safety protocols and assisted throughout the journey


    ➤ ➤ Our  suppliers have implemented  enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices for coaches and other vehicles used as well as increase their cleaning/disinfection frequency. 

    ➤ ➤ Selected disinfecting products approved by health authorities are used. 

    ➤ ➤ Guidance to cleaning team have been focused on high-frequency touch points, including handrails, door handles, tables, board toilets, air conditioning filters, overhead lockers and headsets if applicable. Enhance cleaning frequency as appropriate is implemented. 

     ➤ ➤ Approved disinfecting products  are made available at sanitation stations to guests in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitiser as appropriate.  Those are also available for  guests to purchase. 

     ➤ ➤ Allocated seating plans with no rotation.

    ➤ ➤ We have implemented seat spacing and established with transport partners that they have likeminded processes for sanitation, disinfection and deep cleaning practices.

    ➤ ➤ Upon arrival to the country, as required by local legislation, testing is made. 

    ➤ ➤ Masks are vailable to guests if required by local authorities to purchase.

    ➤ ➤ Check in/out is arrange by a tour leader or online if you travel on a private basis.

    ➤ ➤ Tours timing is carefully planned to access the venues, hotels and restaurants  and time slots are booked to minimize presence of other people

    ➤ ➤ It is established with partners and suppliers, including shops, showrooms, tasting venues/shops, museums, shows, theatre, concert halls, factories & farms, that they follow likeminded health, sanitation, disinfection and hygiene protocols aligned with local regulation

    ➤ ➤ It is established that partner restaurants follow likeminded health, sanitation, disinfection and hygiene and food safety protocols to protect guests, such as: 1) approved disinfecting products made available at entrance to guests in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitiser as appropriate. 2)  staff are trained and adhere to likeminded health, hygiene, and physical contact guidelines 3)  avoid guest own handling of food at buffets 4) regular cleaning of coffee/drinks machines and where possible operated by staff member 5)  enhanced cleaning, including disinfecting of tables and chairs after guest has left and using dishwasher over hand-washing where possible 6) minimised physical contact through table spacing and guest seating if required by local legislation 7) considered minimising what is placed on guest tables and provide mono-packaged items if feasible 8) contactless and pre-payment methods are prioritised 9)  longer opening hours to reduce the number of guests served at any given time

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