Tours to Yakutia, The Heart of Siberia
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Tours to Yakutia

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Incredible and fascinating

Welcome to Yakutia,  aka Sakha Republic. The land of stunning landscapes and great rivers,  endless taiga and tundra, lively national villages, deer stubble and sledge dogs, the country of diamonds, gold and Pole of Cold. Discover a new, uncharted land - harsh, but fascinating int its striking and unusual  beauty.  


Tours to Yakutia

Yakutia In WinterTour Type: Private Season: November - MarchCities: Yakutsk Batagaу Verkhoyansk Batagaу Yakutsk Duration: 7 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from $2,725 USD per person
Winter Drive From Yakutia To MagadanTour Type: Private Season: December - FebruaryCities: Yakutsk Batagaу Verkhoyansk Batagaу Khandyga Oymyakon Ust-Nera Susuman Magadan Duration: 16 daysGrade: ChallengingMind the daily trekking distances and carry-on bags. Previous trekking/hiking/camping experience is highly desirable. In case of medical emergency, evacuation options are limited by helicopters only.Rate: from $7,814 USD per person
Yakutia: New Year at the Pole of ColdTour Type: Small group Season: December - FebruaryCities: Yakutsk Batagaу Verkhoyansk Batagaу Khandyga Oymyakon Khandyga Yakutsk Duration: 12 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from $3,387 USD per person

Travel to Yakutia

Yakutia is a huge territory in the north-east of Russia, little studied and little known. Those few who come here become true discoverers of the pristine nature and unique culture of the northern people. Here you will meet aboriginal Siberian people, yakuts, and explore both culture and amazing nature. In winter, Yakutia is famous for its huge wolves population which are a big danger to local deer herds. We can trace Yakutian shamanism and meet a shaman, real one, as well as meet Orthodox Old Believers. Winter is amazing here as quintessential Siberian winter, cold, sun and lots of snow. We will take snowmobiles to explore natural phenomenons of famous Lena Pillars and the Lena River.  

Verkhoyansk, the end of the world and the Pole of Cold (-67,8 degrees Celsius). The mayor of the town does not have internet because it is very expensive. And people here still live in wooden barracks and it is the only town in Russia which does not sell alcohol – one needs to drive back to Batagai to buy it.  

The Republic of Sakha is one of the most "cruel" to a tourist, but at the same time beautiful regions of Russia. More than 700 thousand rivers and rivers are located here (among them the largest navigable Lena, Alan, Kolyma, Yana, Vilyuy) and more than 800 thousand lakes. The republic includes 4 geographical zones at once - Arctic deserts, tundra, forest tundra, taiga forests. Here you can observe in the natural environment of bears, deer, elk, ride a dog sled, fish, enjoy the spectacle of the northern lights.

Yakutia is striking in its size. This is the largest region of Russia. If Yakutia were a separate state, it would be the 6th largest in the world. The climate is sharply continental. In summer, there is thirty-degree heat, and in winter fifty-degree frosts crack. When is the best time to travel to Yakutia? In summer, the best months for trips to Yakutia are July and August, in winter - March.

Oymyakon Travel

Yakutia is famous for its natural attractions: Lena Pillars, the Pole of Cold, Lena River. Tours to Oymyakon and cruises to Lena are one of the exclusive Discovery Russia offers, and one of the most popular souvenirs from Yakutia are locally mined diamonds, mammoth bone products and national silver jewelry. Verkhoyansk and Oymakon keep rivaling for a title of the world's coldest place. Come to experience both - and compare yourself!

Yakutia amazes by the beauty of its nature, by national color and cuisine. Museums of Yakutsk have excellent modern expositions. In Yakutsk restaurants you can try stroganina, venison prepared in various ways, conin and beef (Yakuts - pastoralists).

Yakutia highlights

The history of Yakutia as part of the Russian Empire dates back to the first half of the 17th century. Until the beginning of the 20th century, there was an exiled region, and in Soviet times, large-scale development of the territory by geologists began - from Aldan gold to Mirny diamonds, from uranium deposits in the climatically soft south of Yakutia to tin-bearing placers of the Arctic Novosibirsk Islands on the Northern Sea Route. During any trip to the territory of Yakutia, we will most likely meet dilapidated, abandoned objects of Stalin's camps or traces of exploration activities.

On the wast territory of the Sakha Republic we organize excellent fishing or hunting, there is really a lot of interesting here for those fond of active recreation and for those who want to contemplate northern nature, the Arctic or explore local history. You can find a mammoth tusk in the flooded flood bank of the river, you can enjoy artifacts from the recent Soviet past, and you can observe the modern life of cities, towns and national villages built on permafrost.
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