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  • Currently, entry to Russia is allowed from 67 countries and is regulated by 635-R law of 16.03.2020. Here is the list of countries with which Russian Federation resumed international air service and the issuance of tourist visas: the USA, the UK, Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrein, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Jordan, India, Iraq, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Peru, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanca, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, UAE
  • Yes, now you may. It was not allowed until 14 April 2021 when changes were made to 635-law of 16. 03.2020 (the law which closed Russian borders for foreigners). Since 14 April 2021, you may fly any operation connecting air route if you hold passport/residence permit of green-listed country and eventually enter Russia from a green-listed country. Here is the law (in Russian): and here you may read explanation in English:
  • Most international travelers visiting Russia need a Russian tourist visa. A visa must be obtained before your trip to Russia commences. If you do not have a visa, you will not be allowed to board your plane to Russia. When entering Russia, you may be asked to present your return ticket and tourist confirmation. This, however, does not mean you must strictly follow the list of hotels and cities indicated in the itinerary. Being a licensed operator, Discovery Russia can always arrange changes to your travel plans. Discovery Russia will provide two special documents. One is often referred to as a “letter of invitation” or “visa supporting letter”, which confirms your travel itinerary; another document is the official travel voucher. In some countries, you might need to come personally for fingerprints (once). More detailed information will be provided by your Discovery Russia Travel agent. You will also receive detailed visa manuals to facilitate the visa application process. Visa validity, requirements, processing time and fees vary from country to country. Some itineraries required double entry visa for which addtinional requirements apply. Please refer to our Visa Manuals or consult your nearest Discovery Russia Travel Planner.
  • This is the law which closed Russian borders at the start of the pandemic. It is since them been amended multiple times to reflect the most recent changes in the environment. You possibility to enter Russia is determinded hy this law and is subject to your passport, residence permit and type of visa yu seek. We closely monitor the situation and all the changes which allow our travelers to entery Russia.
  • USD For international travelers, Russia offers very favourable terms of entry during the pandemic. PCR test is required to enter Russia (validity 72 hours). Quarantine upon arrival is not required. You may travel freely by planes and trains in Russia, PCR Is not required. Some remore regions may required additional PCR testing (to checky you in into local hotels (72 hours vailidty to enter the specific region) to protect local indigenous people, however in most cased your first arrival PCR certificated is fine to go. Travelers vaccinated by international vaccines can be used to check in in most regions.
  • Can I have my trip in Russia ensured in case I've got covid and can't travel? Yes, if you're a resident in Russia. We partner with Alfa, one of the most reliable banking & insurance holdings in Russia. Covid-related insurance policy does exists and will not cost you a fortune. Precisely, it is just 37 rubles per day for the basic medical policy plus 5% of the total trip costs. If you can't travel because you've got covid (or any other infection decease) or being quarantines as a contact person, you trip will be reimbursed by AlfaStrah.
  • Effective Octover 1, 2019 it is possible to visit St. Petersburg and Leningrad region with e-visa.This rule applies to 53 nationalities, including all nationalities of the EU as well as Singapore. (Please note that USA, Canada, UK, Australia thus are NOT in the list). No official invitation is required. You can apply as late as 4 days prior to arrival and not before 20 days prior to arrival. The is no visa fee. The visa is valid for 30 days and allows to stay in the area for up to 8 days. The applicant will receive a notification with an identification number, which must be presented at the border crossing point together with personal ID. Guests must leave again from St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. It means you can NOT take a train to Moscow, for instance, this will be considered as a violation of your visa rules.
  • It is important to know how you will be connected to the rest of the world while travelling in Russia. Mobile coverage is very good in the cities and good along the main highways, though it can be unstable on board trains. Coverage is very limited in the hard-to-access places in Siberia and the Far East. Wi-Fi is becoming more freely available not only in the major Russia tourist attractions, but also on different modes of transport. For instance, Wi-Fi is stable and free in the Moscow metro, Moscow and St Petersburg airports, as well as on board high-speed trains. Many local restaurants and cafes offer free Wi-Fi, while in hotels, charges may apply.
  • Discovery Russia operates via its own licensed local Russian tour operator with a head office in Moscow that handles all operations in Russia. The company is registered by the Ministry of Tourism in Russia and has all the necessary licenses. Only companies with such licenses are permitted to be registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and are authorized to issue visa-supporting documents. If you travel with Discovery Russia, you are travelling with an official Russian travel agent. There are many options for holidays in Russia that are suitable for families and solo travellers: from cultural sightseeing in cities to Trans-Siberian journeys, and a great selection of river cruises.
  • The Cyrillic alphabet can be difficult to read. For instance, “restaurant” in Russian looks like P-E-C-T-O-P-A-H. Sounds funny? Indeed! But apart from the two capitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg, you will rarely find street signs in English or people speaking English. Even in Moscow it is still not common to find written information in English in the museums, even the top ones (although museums and tourist buses often have English audio-guides). Language should be taken into consideration when you choose between hiring a personal English-speaking local guide, when you are joining a guided tour or when you are travelling on your own. Note that only licensed guides are permitted to lead excursions in the top museums such as the Moscow Kremlin or the St. Petersburg Hermitage. Also, only the guides have fast-track entrance tickets and off-working-hours right of admission into the top attractions such as Hermitage. A Russia guided tour with a certified guide will allow you to get the most out of your itinerary, and maximum flexibility during your stay in Russia.
  • Many Russia tour packages seem to include the same Russian destinations and attractions, with departure dates that are fixed and not always convenient for you. Independent travel allows you more flexibility. On the other hand, travelling with a group means you’ll always have someone to talk to about what you’ve seen and experienced during your Russian vacation; as well as company for dinner! That is why we are offering optional new Advanced Travel Experiences for all of our tours—the widest collection of its kind—to all of our Russian travel destinations. Many travelers, however, prefer private tours that allow them to completely relax and embrace their new surroundings. Your Discovery Russia tailor-made independent holiday package is all inclusive and customised to suit your—and only your—interests. From the moment you choose Russia as your next destination till we say “Have a safe flight back home!” you will enjoy an unforgettable travel experience—your way!
  • No trip to Russia is complete without a visit to our vibrant capital of Moscow. Moscow has everything to offer, from art, culture and world-class museums to night life, and open-air and sports activities. Feel free to ask for what appeals to you most, and we shall try to work out the perfect itinerary for your Russian adventure. Moscow now has an underground map in English, as well as street names, and important street signs in English. There is even a travel police force! These are specially-trained, English-speaking police officers who patrol the city centre, and who aim to answer your questions -in English! – and help you navigate around. For discerning travelers, Moscow offers a great choice of high-end hotels, including world-famous international brands, and local historic hotels downtown. We have selected the top locations for you that offer the highest level of service. We shall recommend great destinations and hotels to stay in based on your preferences and expectations. Mid-range and budget hotels are also available, but we advise that you book in advance during peak season, which is 20 December—10 January, 1—10 May, June—August and the beginning of November. Moscow is the top destination for Russians themselves, travelling on vacations and school holidays. The Golden Ring tours and Trans-Siberian tours normally start and end in Moscow.
  • This is a classic way to explore the largest country in the world. You will see exactly what you expect: stunning Siberian landscapes, remarkable highlights and world class attractions. Trans-Siberian railway road allows to travel from St Petersburg to Beijing or from Vladivostok to Moscow by hop on/hop off trains. Allow at least two weeks for a one-way train journey. Your Trans Mongolian train tour may start/end in Vladivostok, Moscow, St Petersburg, Irkutsk, Helsinki, Paris, London, Oslo, Ulaanbaatar, Shanghai, Hong Kong or at any place along great The Trans-Siberian railroad or Trans-Mongolian railway as those are regular trains which connect Europe to Asia. If you end your Trans-Siberian railroad package in Vladivostok, Russia, why not consider a ferry to Japan? The Trans-Siberian railway is indeed one of the oldest products of globalisation! By land, you can travel from London to Singapore and from Beijing to Oslo. Allow from six to fifteen days for different types and styles of Trans-Siberian railroad journeys. Luxury and budget trains are available, and many types of cabins exist—be assured we will find the best option for you! Trains operate throughout the year, but summer is the most popular time; the days are longer and you will see a lot more from your window. On the other hand, nothing beats the Winter Experience in Russia, the Snow Empire—a daring quest for adventurous travelers!
  • We know how hard it can be to leave the little ones at home and to travel for more than a few days. And what if you planned a trip for two or three weeks? Nightmare! So many things to think about. Even finding a relative or a nanny to take care of the kids for a few days can be a great problem, especially if your relatives live in another city. We have a solution: our unique, Kid-Friendly selection of smart tours for families with kids; Take them in all the top cities and attractions, with short daily tours that won’t wear them out. Each tour has been specifically designed to keep kids entertained and allow the grownups to discover Russia. Kid-Friendly tour to Russia is an ideal balance between your parental responsibilities and your desire to explore the world!
  • Discovery Russia has it all. Being a local tour operator, we carefully explore all our destinations before we include them in our constantly growing portfolio. That is why we can offer you anything from a classic Moscow-St. Petersburg cruise to travel further out in the Russian North, discovering things rarely seen by Australian travellers; we can arrange a perfectly-planned, sophisticated tour around the Golden Ring; or take you rafting in the Siberian mountains. For adventurous travelers, Russian possibilities are endless—all types of sports and experiences are available here, on one-seventh of the planet’s surface! Be ready for anything: from the modest living conditions of camping at the remotest locations rarely visited by ordinary tourists to last-minute changes to your itinerary due to bad weather. Many fantastic locations are only accessible by air and flights are weather dependent. Satellite phone (provided to you by Discovery Russia) can be required at some destinations as the mobile coverage might be uncertain. Russia has not typically been seen as a holiday destination, because Soviet infrastructure always lacked luxurious, classy accommodation. However, this is changing. Thanks to the Sochi Olympics, there are now world class resorts and beach hotels at the Black Sea with lots of sightseeing nearby. From space launch tours to an off-working hours visit to the Hermitage—with Discovery Russia you have it all covered.
  • Left handed.
  • In Russia, the standard voltage is 220 V, with a standard frequency of 50 Hz. You can use an ordinary world travel adaptor, or most hotels allow you to rent one. If you are renting a car, you will find many types of fuel at petrol stations. We recommend you buy 92 or 95 octane unleaded petrol. Diesel is also available. Electric/hybrid vehicles are not yet common in Russia, and charge stations are limited and we do not advise this option. While in the cities, petrol stations are abundant; however, in rural areas, our recommendation is that if you see a fuel station, then use it! Distances between opportunities to fill up your car can be great outside the cities.
  • To visit Russia, you must fill in a migration card, which will be handed out during your flight. The card consists of two identical parts printed either side-to-side or top-to-bottom. You need to fill out both parts, in either English or Russian. It is important that you do not lose your migration card. If you do lose or damage your migration card, you must report it to the nearest migration office within three working days of your arrival. Your Discovery Russia travel specialist will assist you. Items that must be declared on entry to Russia: • Amounts of cash exceeding USD 10,000, if you plan to leave the country with the money • Items of significant value, including jewels, artwork, or antiques • Musical instruments • Goods with a value exceeding EUR 2,000 and weighing over 35 kg • Weapons and drugs • Alcohol in excess of 2 liters per adult. • Tobacco, more than 50 cigars, 100 cigarillos, 200 cigarettes, or 250 g of pipe tobacco.
  • At the present time, all foreign citizens are required to register their Russian visas within seven working days of arrival. To register your visa, a copy of your passport, visa, migration card and special registration form will be taken to the local branch of the Federal Migration Service. This will be done by your Discovery Russia Travel Specialist. No action is required from your side. The authorities will accept the paperwork and return a tear-off coupon that you must keep with you until your departure from the country, to facilitate the departure process at the airport.
  • We strongly recommend that all travelers who visit Russia purchase comprehensive travel medical insurance. While Russian hospitals do offer quality services, many of them restrict services to within normal business hours and/or to people willing to pay for services in advance. Furthermore, it is rare for Russian hospitals to accept insurance without payment in advance. Most patients must pay in cash and receive reimbursement from their insurance companies upon their return to Australia.
  • To make a call to Russia, dial: 7 + city code + phone number. To make a call from Russia, dial: 8 10 + country code + city/area code + phone number. To make a call within Russia between cities, dial: city code + 7 or 8 + phone / mobile number.
  • Metro: The Metro train is the fastest way to get around the city; the Metro stations are as beautiful as museums. A single-trip ticket can be purchased for 50R ($1), which allows you to spend as much time inside the Metro network as you like. You can also save money by buying 5, 10 or 20-trip tickets—they are less expensive. Taxi: You can use a taxi app on your phone (such as GETT Taxi or Yandex Taxi) to find the nearest available driver. Prices start from 500R ($10) for a 20-minute ride. You can also use any car on the street as a taxi. To call a street taxi, just wave one down, but be sure to negotiate the price before starting your trip.
  • The Cyrillic alphabet can be difficult to read.   You will rarely find street signs in English outside Moscow and St Petersburg,  or people speaking English. Even in Moscow, it is still not common to find written information in English in the museums, even the top ones (although museums often have English audio guides). There is English information available in subways in Moscow  and St. Petersburg.  In central cafes and restaurants, you can often find menu in English.  Our experienced guides and tour directors will take care of everything during your Russian tour so that you could simply enjoy being in RUSSIA!
  • Come in winter. Winter is a nice time to go to Russia and see it like described in Leo Tolstoy’s famous novels. Take a deep breath and just do it. Don’t be afraid of the coldness. Once our travelers reached the Pole of Cole (-67 Celsium) in January and survived. And they travelled with kids! The Pole of Cold is located in Yakutia, by thy way. For Winter Trans Siberian, just take usual ski gear, that is perfectly enough and recommended by our travelers. The experience you’ll get will be absolutely unique. Summer is short and lasts for the three months of June to August. You should be aware of important national holidays: New Year 1-10 January, pretty weird Old New Year on 13 January, May 1-9 (Victory Day), 12 June (Russia Day), 4-8 November (National Union Day). It can be crowded sometimes, but you will have a chance to participate in some great events with the locals.
  • NO, YOU CAN NOT. Travelers who take the international train from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing do not qualify for 144-hour visa-free transit, because the valid ports of entry in Beijing are Beijing Capital Airport and Beijing West Railway Station(北京西站). International trains between Ulaanbaatar - Beijing arrive in / depart from Beijing Railway Station(北京火车站), which is not the port for the 144-hour visa-free policy.
  • The only official currency in Russia is Russian ruble, credit cards are widely accepted in big cities, but you will most certainly need cash in small cities and in rural areas. Please note, that you can not pay in foreight currency - officially. Here are the currency exchange rates as of 1st May 2019: 1 AUD = 44RUB, USD = 62 RUB, 1 EUR = 72 RUB, 1 CAD = 46 RUB, 1 NZD= 41 RUB. We advise all travelers do NOT change money at the airports as the exchange rate there is not good. Always check international resourses for the actual rate before you fly to Russia as currency fluctuations may happen anytime and this page is not constantly updated.
  • From Feb 4, 2021 citizens and permanent residents of the following countries may get e-visa ($40 USD): Austria. Andorra. Bahrein. Belgium. Bulgaria. Croatia. Cyprus. Chezh Republic. China including Taiwan. Denmark. Estonia. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Holland. Hungary. India. Indonesia. Iran. Italy. Ireland. Iceland. Japan. Kuwait. Latvia. Lithuania. Liechtenstein. Luxembourg. Malaysia. Malta. Mexico. Monaco. North Korea. North Macedonia. Norway. Oman. Poland. Portugal. Philippines. Romania. San-Marino, Saudi Arabia. Serbia. Singapore. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Turkey. Vaticano. Valitity: up to 16 days. Entry port: any region, entyr port should be equipped with special facility to check the e-visa.
  • Classic “Russia travel includes sightseeing in and around Moscow and St. Petersburg, visiting tourist sites of the Golden Ring with many UNESCO Heritage sites, and of course, river cruises or epic Trans-Siberian rail journeys. We invite you to go beyond those limits and explore our other exciting tours right across Russia, the largest country in the world! Here you will find the world’s biggest lake (Lake Baikal); wildlife and volcanoes at Kamchatka Peninsula; the unique traditions of the Russian North; fascinating tours to see the different cultures of Yakutia, Siberia, Kamchatka and Chukotka; the ancient heritage of Novgorod and Pskov; the rich history of the Tsar era, and USSR heritage in Ekaterinburg; lakes and seas; volunteer programs in the national parks and small towns; fabulous cruises on Siberia’s mighty rivers; Polar and North Pole tours and cruises for the hard-core adventurer; specially-designed snow tours; cultural tours to picturesque regions abounding with ancient traditions; Nizhnyi Novgorod and cultural objects over one thousand years old! Or why not take it one step further? You could try yachting, winter surfing, sailing, trekking, hiking, numerous and excellent sport-fishing opportunities at many rivers; or adventures like a ride in a tank? Each traveler has his or her own top list of places to visit in Russia! Use our smart tool Russia Trip Finder—to get great travel ideas, and to choose places to visit.
  • World-famous Trans-Siberian route goes from St Petersburg or Moscow to Vladivostok, and Trans- Mongolian option turns from Irkutsk/ Lake Baikal to the south, passing Mongolia to reach Beijing, China. Besides, all itineraties run the other way round. From Beijing, you may connect to Hong Kong, Vietrnam or other destinations. From St Petersburg, we can put your itinerary through to Europe, Scandinavia or the Baltic States. Trans-Siberian railroad connects Europe and Asia, so you literally can reach Hong Kong from London overland. There are over 60 stops available along the Trans-Siberian route. You may choose one of our set group departures travelling eastbound and westbound a few times a year, with a special selection of winter train tours available. These are hop on/hop off train tours. All tours listed also run on a private basis. There has never been a easier way to explore the Trans-Siberian railroad. If you’d like to experience luxury cruising Trans-Sberian Express trains (that means: stay aboard all the time, no overnights in the cities), or need more flexibility with your itinerary, or have any specific destination on your mind, please don't hesittate to chat online with one of our agents or simply send us an email to start planning your perfect custom-made Trans-Siberian railway holiday package.
  • There are 2 types of compartments used for the Trans-Siberian railway holidays. Second class has 4 berths and 1st class in Russia has 2 berth. Please note, that if you are a solo traveller and want a private comparment on board, you will need to buy out other seats. Please inform your travel agent and the tour quote will be adjusted. Mind that a shower is featured on 1st class only and not in all the trains operating in Russia. This means, 1st class carriages does NOT guarantee that the is a shower on board. Different train types are used by Russian railways to operate each leg of the journey and the train specification is not puslished until 90 days in advance. Our tours are desinged to use best avialable Russian trains, however the final authority does not belong to Discover Russia. Hence, we can recommend but can not guarantee that this or that specific train will be availalbe on a certain date on a certain leg of your train trip. Trans -Siberian travels requires and assumes certain flexibility. There is also 3rd class carriage without doors, recommended for backpackes and travellers on a tight budget. Discovery Russia does not run tours based on 3rd class compartments. Please contact Discovery Russia travel specialists to get more details of how this exiting train journey operates.
  • Yes, it is true. If you cruise on the Baltic Sea, and St. Petersburg is one of the ports of your itinerary, you do not need a Russian visa. However, this only applies if you stay less than 72 hours and for those travelling with the cruise ship group. Please consult your cruise agent about the details. Same rules apply on cruising ships st the Far East arriving to Vladivistok. This being said you can NOT arrive on a cruise ship , disembark Visa-free and take the Trans Siberian train from Vladivostok to Moscow.
  • Russians use the metric system: kilometres, not miles; and Celsius, rather than Fahrenheit.
  • Tips to guides & drivers are already included in the tour package. Tips are largely expected in big cities when you eat out and not expected in smaller towns or villages. You may live 300-400 Rub in cafes/restaurants, that will be fair enough. In upscale places, between 5 and 10% is recommended, but, again, it is NOT compulsory.
  • Russia is the largest country in the world. You can find yourself anywhere between UTC (+2) in the West to UTC (+12) in the Far East. Check the time zones of your intended locations here:
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