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Plan your perfect trip to Russia with our selection of one-of-a-kind experiences. Russian tourist destinations are spread over two continents, nine time zones and many climates. Once you decide when you want to go and what you would like to do, you will find a great tour with Discovery Russia.

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We tailor our tours and work 24/7 to explore new, exciting and unexpected destinations to the world’s largest country and to make your journey safe and secure. Discovery Russia is Australian-owned and based company which operates via its own licensed Russian tour operator company with a head office in Moscow. From the moment you choose Russia as your next destination till we say “Have a safe flight back home!” you will enjoy an unforgettable travel experience!our difference

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Scroll down to check what’s up in Russia these days or use our Trip Finder to customize your upcoming tour to Russia by travel styles, themes and activities. Your trip could come as an independent or as a Russian holiday package, you may choose from one of our guided tours or customize private tours. Classic travels include sightseeing in and around Moscow and St. Petersburg, visiting tourist sites of the Golden Ring with its UNESCO Heritage sites, and of course, river cruises and Trans-Siberian rail journeys, the longest train ride in the world.

We invite you to experience exciting safe and secure holidays in the world’s largest country! Here you will find the world’s biggest lake (Lake Baikal); wildlife and volcanoes at Kamchatka Peninsula; the unique traditions of the Russian North; fascinating tours to see the different cultures of Yakutia, Siberia and Kamchatka; the ancient heritage and the rich history of the Tsar era, and USSR heritage; specially-designed snow tours; cultural tours to picturesque regions abounding with ancient traditions and cultural objects over one thousand years old!

CHRISTMAS EDITION: TRANS MONGOLIAN FROM BEIJING TO ST PETERSBURG (5850 USD)One Week, Two Capitals: St. Petersburg and Moscow (1076 USD)Discover Russia: St. Petersburg and Moscow (1472 USD)WHITE CHRISTMAS IN RUSSIA (1748 USD)TRANS MONGOLIAN WINTER EXPRESS (2738 USD)WINTER IN RUSSIA, 2018/2019 (2628 USD)Winter Ice of Lake Baikal (2170 USD)NAADAM 2019 TRANS MONGOLIAN TOUR (3610 USD)The best of Kamchatka: bears, salmons, volcanoes and geysers (0 USD)Trans-Siberian Eastbound, from Moscow to Vladivostok (2264 USD)LE GRANDE TRANS MONGOLIAN: FROM BEIJING TO ST PETERSBURG (5667 USD)Grand Russia UNESCO Tour: Moscow, St Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Kazan and the Golden Ring (2668 USD)TRANS MONGOLIAN EXPRESS (2607 USD)Grand Trans Siberian Tour (4439 USD)Trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing (or vice versa!) (3774 USD)Gems of the Golden Ring (4658 USD)Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Irkutsk - 1st class (2040 USD)Imperial Trans-Mongolian to Beijing (8070 USD)Timeless Journey Moscow-St. Petersburg Cruise (1591 USD)Hello, Moscow! (1404 USD)Saint Petersburg break (967 USD)KAMCHATKA TREKKING TOLBACHIK (0 USD)Battlefields of Glory. Stalingrad. (0 USD)Luxury Kamchatka, Land of Fire and Bears (8438 USD)Historical Revolution Tour to St Petersburg (1048 USD)Altai Golden Ring (0 USD)Kid Friendly Summer Holidays in St. Petersburg (1535 USD)Grand Lake Baikal Adventure: Siberian summer (0 USD)Focus on Culture, Moscow to Irkutsk (3589 USD)Aktru Valley Trek (0 USD)Shamans of Siberia (0 USD)Horse-riding tour to the Ukok Plateau (0 USD)The Yenisei River Cruise (0 USD)Tales of Tobolsk (0 USD)Svalbard In A Nutshel (0 USD)MOSCOW & SOCHI GRAND PRIX FORMULA 1 (1022 USD)Russian Arctic National Park (0 USD)Heli Ski, Kamchatka Peninsula (0 USD)Volunteer program in the Kronotsky Reserve (0 USD)Russian North: Legends of Pomory (962 USD)The Best of Siberia: Baikal and Altai (0 USD)Aquaintance with Altai (0 USD)Kid Friendly Winter in St. Peterburg (2383 USD)The Commander Islands Wildlife Photography Tour (0 USD)Swan Lake: A Gentle Introduction To The Wilderness Of Siberia (0 USD)A Glimpse Of Svalbard (0 USD)Lake Baikal Volunteer Program (0 USD)Back to basics: F1 Weekend in Russia (0 USD)Fly zero-gravity onboard Russian Ilyushin-76 MDK (0 USD)Off-road adventures in the Altai Mountains (0 USD)Ekaterinburg. Between Europe and Asia (0 USD)Nizhny Novgorod, land of arts and crafts (0 USD)Northern Urals Heli Fishing and Rafting Tour (0 USD)FORMULA 1, GRAND PRIX RUSSIA, MOSCOW & ST PETERSBURG (2080 USD)
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Is it easy to get a visa to Russia?

A visa must be obtained prior to your arrival. When entering the country, you may be asked to present your return ticket and tourist confirmation. Please remember that a Russian tourist visa is issued for thirty days maximum. Discovery Russia will provide you with two special documents. One is often referred to as a “letter of invitation” or “visa supporting letter”, which confirms your travel itinerary; another document is the official travel voucher. You do not need to go to the Russian Embassy personally. All documents, including those you will receive from Discovery Russia Ltd, can be mailed. Full Russian Visa Service is also available.

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