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Battlefields of Glory: Stalingrad
Type:group or private
Season:April - October
Duration:6 days
Grade:Easy This tour fits any age and fitness level
Rate:from $1,310 USD per person
Historical WWII Tour: Moscow, Stalingrad & Kursk
Type:group or private
Season:May - October
Duration:11 days
Grade:Easy This tour fits any age and fitness level
Rate:from $2,750 USD per person
Destinations:Moscow Volgograd Kursk
Weekend in Volgograd
Type:group or private
Season:Any - Any
Duration:3 days
Grade:Easy This tour fits any age and fitness level
Rate:from $540 USD per person

An Epic Discovery of WW2, Russian Battlefields Tours

Russia played a pivotal role in the proceedings – and ending – of WW2. The Soviet Union, as it was at the time, bore much of the force of the Nazi Regime's aggressive push across Europe. Join us in exploring some of the locations that were at the forefront of the action and critical behind-the-scenes sites. Choose WWII Stalingrad guided tours with an expert.

Historical WWII Tour: Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Kursk

More than 70 years after the end of WW2, the scars it left on Russia are still visible in many areas. Our 11-day tour visits Moscow, Volgograd and Kursk, to see sights of some of the most epic battles of the war. The Kubinka Tank Museum is the perfect place to start our trip, and the Monino Air Force Museum is another fantastic military display. Our time in Stalingrad will feature:

➤A day tour of the city's most prominent locations from the Battle of Stalingrad, the largest battle ever recorded.

➤ A guided tour of Pavlov's House

➤ The 6th German Army Headquarters

➤ The Battle of Stalingrad Museum

Follow the 1942 path of the Pazner Army, who relieved battalions trapped in the Winter Storm operation on the Myshkova River and see for yourself how severe conditions would have been. While visiting all these sights and more, enjoy the expertise of our tour guides, and travel in the comfort of 4x4 vans to get you closer to the more obscure battle locations. Choose from our hand-picked selection of 3, 4 or 5-star accommodation each night. Plus, ask our guides for the best recommendations for additional travel highlights along the way.

Battlefields of Glory: Stalingrad

The epic battle of Stalingrad was so grueling and momentous; we feel that it deserves a tour of its own. Enjoy a 6-day visit during the freezing Russian winter and see first-hand what makes the Battle of Stalingrad so momentous. Enjoy a guided tour of the city and connect the dots between history and present day. Visit locations throughout the city that played a role in the Battle. See used weapons at the Weapons of Victory Exhibition and Battle of Stalingrad Museum. 80km from Volgograd lies Kalach-On-Don, the City of Military Glory, and the location of the largest encirclement of German troops. Then, get ready to follow the path of the Pazner Army and the forces sent to relieve soldiers trapped in the Winter Storm.

Another tour highlight is a visit to Lyudnikov’s Island, a portion of land that held from three sides, with the Volga River running on the fourth side, for over a month in 1942. The ruins of the command post still stand today, and there are few locations connected to the Battle of Stalingrad that so aptly show its dexterity and against-odds triumph. Enjoy 4-star accommodation for the duration of your adventure. After the jam-packed days, there will be no better feeling than arriving at the comfort and warmth of the hotel. Enjoy our recommended restaurants for the best Russian cuisine and ask our expert tour guides for some of the best spots in Volgograd that most tourists miss.

A Vacation Unlike Any Other

There is no better way to learn about WW2 than on the ground, where the action took place – and very few locations had the amount of activity that Russia saw. With Discovery Russia, you'll do more than see the sights; we'll give you exceptional guided trips that enrich your experience tenfold. Book your 2020 Russian WW2 experience now!
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