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Sustainable Travel

Discovery Russia respects the cultural and environmental heritage of all the Russian destinations visited by our travelers. We respect the peoples of different races and nationalities who live in the largest country in the world, and whose home we invite you to explore.

We believe tourism to any location in the world should first benefit the locals and the environment; we consider the local community to be a unique, inseparable part of your travel experience. We aim to minimize the environmental impacts of your travels and ask our travelers to always behave in a way that protects the pristine nature and wildlife of the destinations you visit, to respect local cultures and traditions, and to follow the requested procedures at each attraction.

We trust all our guests share our values, and acknowledge the importance of sustainable tourism to local communities. Our aim is to increase the social, economic and environmental benefit of travel, and in doing so, to raise the standard among travel companies both in Russia and abroad.

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