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Winter train tours

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Our signature winter train journeys feature exclusive winter activities along the epic Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian railroads.  

Exclusive winter train tours along the Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian railways.  Escorted small groups and fully customizable private journeys. 

Winter Trans Siberian Express
Type:group or private
Season:December - March
Duration:16 days
Grade:Moderate Consider some walking (about 2 hours per day).
Rate:from $3,640 USD per person
Destinations:Moscow Kazan Yekaterinburg Irkutsk Lake Baikal Vladivostok
Winter Eastbound Explorer: St Petersburg to Vladivostok
Type:group or private
Season:December - February
Duration:20 days
Grade:Moderate Consider some walking (about 2 hours per day).
Rate:from $5,030 USD per person
Destinations:St. Petersburg Moscow Kazan Yekaterinburg Irkutsk Lake Baikal Vladivostok
New Year Magic Express
Type:Small group
Season:December - January
Duration:13 days
Grade:Moderate Consider some walking (about 2 hours per day).
Rate:from $2,180 USD per person
Destinations:Irkutsk/Lake Baikal Kungur Kazan Moscow Suzdal & Vladimir St Petersburg
Christmas Specials Trans Mongolian Express
Type:Small group
Season:December - February
Duration:18 days
Grade:Moderate Consider some walking (about 2 hours per day).
Rate:from $5,190 USD per person
Destinations:Beijing Ulaanbaatar & Terelj National Park Lake Baikal/Irkutsk Yekaterinburg Kazan Moscow
Grand Winter Westbound
Season:December - February
Duration:23 days
Grade:Moderate Consider some walking (about 2 hours per day).
Rate:from $6,830 USD per person
Destinations:Vladivostok Ulan-Ude Irkutsk / Lake Baikal Yekaterinburg Kazan Moscow St Petersburg
Trans Siberian Bar Crawl Christmas 2022
Type:Small group
Season:December - January
Duration:17 days
Grade:Moderate Consider some walking (about 2 hours per day).
Rate:from $2,470 USD per person
Destinations:Vladivostok Irkutsk/Lake Baikal Kungur Kazan Moscow Suzdal & Vladimir St Petersburg

Train Journey Through a Winter Wonderland

Travelling during winter is a magical experience. Snowy fields, icicles on trees, cozy lodges. Everything becomes whimsical, and the stress of reality back home melts away. Cities, towns and nature are transformed when it snows, and the ideal winter holiday should encompass snow of every kind. Explore our assortment of winter train travel packages to find your perfect frosty adventure.

Russia in the Snow

Russia's most beautiful monuments come alive in the sub-zero temperatures of the snowy season. You'll soon realize an extra-large coat is a small price to pay for the lack of crowds, cozy atmosphere and picturesque settings that Russia becomes in winter. Russia in winter conjures images of barren snowfields and day-long blizzards for many people – and sure, if you venture far enough into the wilderness, you may freeze. But choose to join civilization, a hearth of warmth and holiday cheer will be waiting for you. Outdoor activities like sledding, ice skating and skiing are popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Most of our winter tours also include dog sledding, a truly unique experience that will leave you feeling like you're in a fairy-tale.

When you need to warm up, Russia's countless museums and galleries are the perfect places to get feeling back in your fingers while soaking up local culture and knowledge.

Trans-Siberian Railway – the perfect winter voyage

The best way to travel through Russia during winter is by taking a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Wintertime transforms familiar landscapes, and there's no better way to see Russia's wild side while staying warm. The train stops at all the major destinations across Russia, and our flexible travel packages mean that you can get out and explore or remain in the warmth as you please. Ask us about booking a private first-class cabin, or a private tour, if you're after the full luxury Russian experience.

A Holiday Season You'll Never Forget

Russians take the holiday season very seriously, and our customized trips ensure that you'll have every chance to make the most of the festivities. Russia follows Christmas according to the Julian calendar – on January 7. And while it's an aptly celebrated day, the more extensive festivities are on New Year's Eve, December 31. Our tours celebrate Christmas Day on December 25, plus an authentic Russian Christmas on January 7 on extended trips. Choose from our 5+ tours through Russia over Christmas and New Year's, including:

➤22 days from Beijing to St Petersburg

➤21 days from St Petersburg to Vladivostok

➤16 days from Ulaanbaatar to Moscow

Join Us for Christmas 2021!

Make your next Christmas memorable. Avoid the compulsory family meals and expensive gift buying – make 2020 the year you gift yourself with the perfect Christmas. With our help, you won't have to worry about finding accommodation, organizing itineraries or finding great restaurants. Ask us for more details about our winter wonderland tour packages and riding Russian railways – we're so excited to help you experience the very best of Russia. WINTER SPECIALS: TRAIN TOURS AND RAILWAY HOLIDAY PACKAGES.
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