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Volcano Gorely imageVolcano Gorely

Weather permitting helicopter tour around volcanoes Gorely, Vilyuchinsky and Mutnovsky. We use only MI-8 reliable helicopters and the best Kamchatka's pilots to get yo safely deep into the Land of Fire's heart.

Volcano Vilyuchinsky imageVolcano Vilyuchinsky

We shall see the first volcanoes from the air, and visit Mutnovsky volcano, where we can either enter a crater on a spiral traverse, or to land directly in a crater (depends on the weather).

Mutnovsky Volcano imageMutnovsky Volcano

The crater of Mutnovsky Volcano is the largest of Kamchatka's active volcanoes, and the view from the top are stunning: steep walls surrounding a huge bowl of a crater; the fields of a firn blinding at the sun and glaciers cover its slopes; torches of steam vents shake at the bottom; the funnel of the southern crater has stiffened under an ice armor.

Mutnovsky Volcano imageMutnovsky Volcano

Above all of them a curling column of vapors and gases rises to the sky from the surrounded rocky crown. Turquoise glaciers, the gurgling mud coppers, the boiling river are in the crater. After our delicious picnic lunch, take a bath ina hot springs on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and return to the resort.

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