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Kurile Lake and Bears

Russian bears imageRussian bears

Helicopter tour to the famous Kurile Lake to see Russian bears during salmon run! Iconic landmark and world-famous highlight of Kamchatka, the Kurile lake and its residents- brown bears, are just a 1 hour helicopter flight.

Kurile Lake imageKurile Lake

Every year about three million salmons come into the lake to spawn and die. Enormous quantity of fish attracts bears from all the area. it can easitly gather up to 200 bears at once! Fantastic and guaranteed bear viewing and no crowds, like on other top bear-watching spots of the planet.

Bears imageBears

Enjoy bear viewing and watch how bears fish, while an armed guard take care of your safety. Then we take boat tour on the lake, it is a great opportunity to make stunning photos. Hot lunch will be provided.

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