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Heli tour: Olkhon Island

Sea of Baikal imageSea of Baikal

Most flights arrive to Irkutsk in the morning. Start your adventure with a heli transfer to Olkhon Island, the heart of Lake Baikal, the world's deepest, oldest and largest freshwater lake. Besides, it is a home to indigenous people, ancient myths and beliefs.

Shamanka Rock (or Cape Burhan) is probably the most picturesque place. For centuries, people came here to worship and take oaths. The majesty and uniqueness of the Shamanka Rock invisibly subjugated the minds and souls of people. To this day, Cape Burhan is called one of the nine shrines of Asia. Feel the incredible energy and power of the island, reconnection with the nature.

Meet the locals imageMeet the locals

Taste delicious local meals, meet the native people, drink Siberian tea from “samovar” before boarding your flight to the Lodge.

Baikal Lodge imageBaikal Lodge

Upon arrival, take a tour of the area and refresh. We have Evenki people national welcome performance in the traditional house, followed by welcome dinner and the real Russian Banya planned for you today.

Baikal Lodge imageBaikal Lodge

Your stay here is absolutely private, the house can accomodate up to 10 people.

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