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Lenin and Old Believers

Lenin's head imageLenin's head

Today, we head to the east to Buryatia and it's capital, Ulan-Ude which still keeps the largest Lenin’s head monument in the world. We will visit Buddist temples - datzans and meet the lama. Kyakhta, near Mongolian border is the eastern gate of the Great Tea Way. Here you will get acquainted with the works of architecture of the ancient merchant city, where each street stores a centuries-old history and memory of the wonderful townspeople of Troitskosavsk (the early name of Kyakhta). The houses of eminent merchants, famous philanthropists, tea warehouses, customs and one of the most unique museum collections in Siberia in the Academician V. A. Obruchev Museum of Local Lore - Siberian Hermitage.

Old believers imageOld believers

An excursion to the Old Believer village is a real trip to history. We visit the Old Orthodox Church, meet at the Old Believers' courtyard with rites, customs, unique polyphonic singing and Old Russian dishes “Semeiskye people”, old believers in Buryatia is the only group of Russian people in Siberia that has preserved to this day the traditions and foundations of the life of pre-Petrine Russia – religion, daily routine, meals & cedar samogon. Amazing day of sacred places, hot springs, wonderful nature and people you will find anythere else, the truly Siberians. We will taste delicious Russian and Siberian meals cooked in an oven according to ancient receipies and enjoy a private cultural perfomance.

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