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Suvan Saxon imageSuvan Saxon

Another flying adventure awaits. Buryatia is huge and many places are not accessible other than by ait. "Suvan Saxon Castle" -a sacred place of Evenki people. They believed that among the huge stone blocks, the host spirits of the winds live at the foot of the Ikat ridge. Ininsky Garden of Stones, located on the territory of more than 10 sq.m. Legend has it, the two rivers Ina and Barguzin hit the gate, who would be the first to reach Lake Baikal. Barguzin, without a bag, went on the way in the evening. It was the net morning when Ina found out that the opponent, having left earlier, was already close to the goal. She immediately rushed behind him with powerful flows, spreading huge boulders along the way, which to this day lie on its shores.

Barguzin national park imageBarguzin national park

Secluded Barguzin valley and national park (country "Bargujin-Tokum," which is also mentioned by the Persian historian Rashid Ad-Din in the "Collection of Chronicles," wilderness, deaf man, outskirts, so you can translate the name of this land)) with a unique location and terrain. The land with a special microclimate, where the legendary mighty wind Barguzin is formed from the breath of mountain peaks, the sacred valley and Lake Baikal. There are few places on earth where there are so many natural monuments, unique healing springs and mud, many legends and legends, including those associated with the name of Genghis Khan's mother, the sacred Oelun. Steppe, taiga, mountains there is everything in Buryatia. We can do horse riding in the mountains or take radon baths.

Barguzin valley imageBarguzin valley

Bears, of course, inhabit here and are abundant.

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