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Winter activities imageWinter activities

Time for true Siberian adventures!

You’re flying the long way yesterday, so today will be a land only day. Drive your buggy or ATV through amazing Siberian taiga from the middle of nowhere where the Lodge is, to the cozy mountain resort where we will also try snowmobiles and “vatrushka” – a cheesecake - ride. in winter. Otherwise, we have 4X4 and cruise boat planned for today.

Summer relax imageSummer relax

Catering service, hot delicious lunch will be arranged and serviced.

Return to the lodge. If you travel in winter, there will be Banya again today and we assure you will get cold enough to enjoy it even more than yesterday, after the long day outside!

..sailing, fishing and more! image..sailing, fishing and more!

You list of daily activities is neved limited to the listed options. Call us to discuss other ideas.

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