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Plato Putorana imagePlato Putorana

Day Schedule

➤Passport control (border guards, visa regime)

➤PLATO PUTORANA (by helicopters with 1 landing) duration around 4 – 4,5 hours (WEATHER PERMITTING)

➤Ethnocultural complex under the open sky “Taimyr Mow”, lunch at the ethnocomplex - Taimyr land. Acquaintance with everyday life, ethnic cuisine, traditions, culture and customs of ethnic groups inhabiting Taimyr.

➤Visiting Taimyr Museum of local history

➤Folk art exhibition (paintings).

Plato Putorana imagePlato Putorana

“Putorana” in the Evenki language means "lakes with steep banks." The area of ​​the Putorana Plateau is comparable with the area of ​​Great Britain and reaches 2.5 million hectares. This is the second-largest basalt plateau in the world, after the Indian plateau Deccan. The Putorana Nature Reserve is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO.

You will be brought by helicopter to watch a unique phenomenon. You will visit the unreachable places where no one has been before.

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