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Museum-Estate “Photo-izba” imageMuseum-Estate “Photo-izba”

Day Schedule

➤Arrival at Yeniseisk

➤Breakfast on board the ship

➤Departure for the city tour

➤Yenisei Regional Museum. A.I. Kytmanova "(one of the oldest museums in Siberia)

➤Museum-Estate “Photo-izba” (a unique collection of antiquities is presented, reflecting the life of Yenisei people: furniture, utensils, keys, locks, school supplies)

➤Wood Plane Museum (a unique collection of carpentry tools, the exhibition is listed in the Guinness Book of Records (it has more than 1,500 copies)

➤Stagecoach driver habitation (exposition, the possibility of organizing tours in a horse-drawn carriage)

➤Departure of the ship

➤Lunch on board

➤Dinner on board

➤In the evening on board the ship - a demonstration of the film "Happy People"

Yeniseisk imageYeniseisk

Merchant houses, monasteries, narrow streets and the spirit of an ancient city with four hundred years of history, which has retained its original appearance to this day. There are many magnificent museums in Yeniseisk, for example, the local “Planer Museum” is listed in the Guinness Book of Records! You will learn what kind of object it is and how to use it while viewing the largest collection of planers in the world.

The historical part of the city of Yeniseisk is included in the preliminary list of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

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