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It's time for fishing! imageIt's time for fishing!

Day Schedule

➤The arrival of the ship

➤Breakfast on board the ship

➤Disembarkation (landing stage or "Zodiac")

➤Visiting the Museum Building 503 dedicated to the Gulag (an abandoned steam locomotive in the forest), accompanied by guides 0,8 km one way

➤Organization of fishing (optionally)

➤Departure of the ship around

➤Arrival to Igarka

➤Program on the shore

➤Bus tour to the Museum of Permafrost, where visitors, down the small stairs, find themselves in the eternal ice zone. The museum is located in permafrost soil at a depth of 7-10 m, here you can see a unique phenomenon about 50,000 years old - "Ice Mountain"

➤Departure of the ship

➤Dinner on board

“Dead Road” image“Dead Road”

After a kilometre hike through the real Siberian forest, you’ll see the remains of the northernmost railway. The grand construction which claimed the lives of more than 300,000 people, also called as the “Dead Road”. The whole history of the Stalinist repressions silently froze in fragments of the rut.

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