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The ship “Maxim Gorky” imageThe ship “Maxim Gorky”

Day Schedule

➤Breakfast on board

➤Nickulino village – disembarkation ashore by small boats "Zodiac"

➤Acquaintance with the culture and life of the Old Believers (you will learn how to make pine nut oil)

➤Food and souvenirs fair ashore by locals

➤Transfer to the ship

➤Departure of the ship

➤Lunch on board

➤Arrival of the ship at Vorogovo

➤Welcome ceremony (music from local residents)

➤Local souvenirs

➤Departure of the ship

➤Dinner on board

➤In the evening on board the ship - a demonstration of the film "Happy People"

Old believers imageOld believers

A village that you will not find on Google Maps, people who are not on Facebook, a place photos of which do not exist on the Internet*. Get ready to get back in time. The Old Believers live in the village of Nikulino - people who have honoured traditions and their religious way of life for centuries. Old believers are effectively closed from the outside world: there are no TVs, computers, the Internet and mobile phones in their homes. It took incredible efforts to persuade local residents to show you at least fragments of their archaic life and unique culture, they will even show you how to extract cedar oil from cones in the old fashioned way.

Visit bright Siberian fair with songs, dances, raw fish stroganina and souvenirs. Try national treats and real homemade delicacies, play a shaman tambourine, surprise your loved ones with unique souvenirs from the Russian taiga.

*Please respect the local culture: any photo and video shooting in the village is prohibited.

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