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Taiga landscape imageTaiga landscape

Day Schedule

➤Arrival of the ship

➤Breakfast on board

➤Disembarkation ashore by small boats "Zodiac"

➤Tour along the river in wooden boats (with Anatoly and Alexey)

➤Fish soup ashore

➤Picking berries in the forest


➤Departure of the ship around

➤Lunch on board

➤Disembarkation ashore by small boats "Zodiac"

➤Visit to the ethnic complex

➤Tea party

➤Mini-exhibition of paintings by designers

Wilderness imageWilderness

Have a heartwarming meeting with the people playing the major roles in the film «Happy People». You can ask your favourite characters any questions. Plus you will have the opportunity to sail on real tarred wooden Siberian boats, taste delicious fish soup on the shore, and try your hand at traditional fishing, as well as picking northern berries in the forest.

Siberian sweets imageSiberian sweets

You arrived on the legendary land, the first Russian settlement founded by Mangazeya Cossacks in 1607 on the right bank of the Yenisei River at the confluence of the Verkhny Imbak River. Here you will visit the ethnic park, which presents the whole unity and diversity of Siberia: the Putorana Plateau and Taimyr, the Turukhansky district and Evenkia. You will see a Ket camp with household attributes, a lively spring with healing water, a museum of Cossacks and Pomors, listen to the performance of an ethnic ensemble, have a chance to try national cuisine in a local café and so much more.

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