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Vizhay: the end of the road

Arrival imageArrival

Day Schedule

Meet & greet at Yekaterinburg airport, transfer to Vizhay. Accommodation is a comfortable guest house.

Evening free at leisure (optional Russian sauna). Tour orientation & safety instructions. We will discuss your daily routine, rules of conduct technical features of the snowmobile driving, safety measures, the route and other details of our expedition. It is important to make sure our trip is hassle-free as we're heading out to the real wilderness. Training of participants for tomorrow's departure: adjustment of equipment and check (warming up) of snowmobiles.

Welcome dinner.

Mansi people imageMansi people

The Ural Mountains... more than 200 million years ago they proudly rose on the young planet Earth and witnessed many grandiose events. During the long millennia water and wind gradually destroyed them. And today the Ural Mountains are some of the lowest in the world. But there is a place where nature could not master a stone: Manpupuner.

The legend has it, that once giants decided to steal the beautiful daughter of the tribal leader — Aim. Severe battle lasted throught the night and when the sun was rising, good spirits decided to help het brother, Pygrychum, who came to save her. Ther gave him a magic board. When giants were just about to win and grab Aim, Pygrychum pulled out a board, and sunlight, having been reflected from it, turned giants into stone.

Northern Ural imageNorthern Ural

Vizhay is the small settlement to the north Yekaterunburg. For locals, this is literally the end of the world: there are no roads further. Now, you have the Planet Earth uncovered and may choose any direction. Between 1930 and 1980 the settlement was inhabited mainly by employees of IvdelLag (one of GULAG camps). For centuries, local Mansi people used it as the transit point at trips to "continent" - in Ivdel.

Here many popular routes take off: Dyatlov Pass, the plateau of stone idols - Manpupuner, Imperial Gate on the bank of the sacred river, Ridge Chistop and others. In August 2010, as a result of wildfires Vizhay burned out completely. Only one house and a monument to heroes of the WWII.

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