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Manpupuner autumn colors imageManpupuner autumn colors

The final day of our snowride will take us to Manpupuner. We reach and ascend the plateau. In case of a heavy snowfall, it might happen that we will need to open the way for snowmobiles and this might cause delays.

Manpupuner imageManpupuner

Each group reaching Manpupuner by snowmobiles is to report its way to authorities and receive special permit. Thus, our final route is always subject to confirmation. It is not allowed to drive offroad in the National Park and we are to receive approval and routing from the relevant authorities prior to departure.

Manpupuner imageManpupuner

Guided touring around Manpupuner stone columns, photo sessions! Take a break and enjoy the views. Winter day is short, and we can spend only 2 hours here. Then, we need to get back to our camp base. Arriving to the camp base around 20:00. Trip of a life time: done! Russian banya in the evening.

Manpupuner in autumn imageManpupuner in autumn

Driving distance of the day: 120 km.

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