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Caves of the mountain river

Northern Ural imageNorthern Ural

Today we are heading to the start point, the settlement of Vizhay and will visit several interesting places en route. First, karstic caves on the Toshemka River. Only a few experts in the world know about these caves. Our guests will feel like pioneers and perhaps find a new manhole. As caves are located in a hard-to-reach spot, participants have a lot of opportunities for new discoverings. We shall explore only one part of the cave which is allowed to visit.

Snowlife imageSnowlife

After lunch, we keep driving through the mountains and rivers. Take a turn from the main road on an old forest path, our group reaches banks of Vizhay River. The name of the river has the Komi origin: "vezha" means "Saint", "ay" means "father". In Mansi this river is called "Yalpyngjya" and this word has the same meaning, "sacred river".

Ascend the rock top to visit Golden Gates:, karstic arch situated right next to a water. Legend has it, no alive human being should walk through the gates bordering this and afterlife worlds.

Driving distance of the day 80 km. Arriving to Vizhay camp base in the evening, you breathtaking snowmobile Russian journey is competed. Boarding the train to Yekaterinburg where you can connect to the Trans Siberian Express Train or take an outbound flight.

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