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Kremlin imageKremlin

Arrive Moscow in the morning, meet and greet at the train station, transfer to your hotel in the downtown.

Drop off your bags and enjoy a guided visit to the Moscow Kremlin, and see all the treasures of the famous museums including the Armoury. “Kremlin” is not actually a specific place name, but means “fortress”. The most well-known kremlin is of course the one in Moscow, at Red Square. And Red Square is not actually Red because of the red bricks, but because "red" in the old Russian language meant "beautiful". And "Kremlin" meant a castle.

St Basil's Cathedral imageSt Basil's Cathedral

A must see in Russia, St Basil's Cathedral is a construction of outstanding beauty.

Take a walking tour in the city centre: GUM department store (we strongly recommend their Sovier-style bistro for those interested in the Soviet history), Lenin Mausoleum, Bolshoi theatre, Nikolskaya street which surprisingly became "people's FAN zone" during FIFA World Cup 2018, make a photo in front of always-on-duty KGB building.

Moscow Metro imageMoscow Metro

Get to know the city by taking a metro ride to our next stop. Metro is the fastest way to get anywhere in this city, and to avoid traffic jams.

Novodevichy Convent imageNovodevichy Convent

Guided tour to the Novodevichy Convent. It was founded in 1524 to celebrate the victory over Lithuania. The ancient building is the white cathedral with 16th-century frescoes. Novodevichy is the operation monastery, please respect and be dressed accordingly. We continue to Sparrow Hills obvervation point and visit to famous Arbat area in the evening.

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