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Kazan Kremlin imageKazan Kremlin

Enjoy the tour to UNESCO world heritage and Kremlin of Kazan under the professional English-speaking guide. Built by Ivan the Terrible on the ruins of the palace of the Kazan Khanate that he destroyed, the Kremlin of Kazan reflects the ethnic mix of Tatars and Russians, Muslims and Christians, that merged into one nation centuries ago.

The Kul Sharif Mosque that is known as the largest worship place for Muslims in Europe along with the wide collection of ancient books. The Annunciation Cathedral in Kazan is an equally important place of Orthodox worship which is also an architectural masterpiece that took 9 years to complete after it was conquered by Ivan the Terrible in 1552.

Cultural insight imageCultural insight

As Kazan being the centre of Tatar culture, we will visit the old Tatar village to try a local tatar tea. Later, have a master cooking class of Tatar dishes at a traditional restaurant.

During our city tour will also see Kazan Arena, Millennium Bridge, Mardzhani Mosque,Kaban Lake, Bogoroditsky Monastery, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Bauman Street, Freedom Square. In the evening, transfer to the train station to board the train to Moscow.

Tatar culture imageTatar culture

Tatars are the 3rd largest nation in Russia with unique culture, traditional fashion and cuisine. Many Russian words have, in fact, Tatar origin. Like "dengi" (money"), "tulup" (traditional winter coat), "saray" ( in Russian, unlike Turkish, it means the opposite to a palace, it means "a shed"), "kirpich" (a brick), "neft" (oil), "baradan" (a drum), "kabluk" (heels), "kazna" (a treasury), "bazar" (a market), "tuman" (fog) "tyurma" (a prison).

Old quarter imageOld quarter

A visit to remaining Old Quarter will take as back to XIX century to see how old Tatar capital lived that times.

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