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Krasnoyarsky Stolby imageKrasnoyarsky Stolby

Day Schedule

➤ Breakfast

➤ Tour to Stolby National Park

➤ Picnic lunch

➤ Evening at leisure

Krasnoyarsky Stolby imageKrasnoyarsky Stolby

A spectacular nature reserve close to Krasnoyarsk, the Stoblys are tall volcanic rock formations nestled in beautiful boreal taiga. One does not need to be that sporty to enjoy the scenery, our knowledgeable local guides know secret easy trails. For more challenging options, there are serious treks and with some scrambling, you will be stunned by superb panoramic views.

Without a doubt this park one of the most beautiful places in Russia. Wooden benches, seating areas, large stopping point with a little gift shop, a coffee/tea cart and a playground for kids - safe and secure day outdoor not far from the big city!

Natural wonder imageNatural wonder

You will be smitten by sweet and refreshing scents of the Taiga - Siberian forest and calming sound of the creek nearby. Get a taste of real Siberia today!

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