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Relaxing Chemal imageRelaxing Chemal

Day Schedule

➤Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk

➤Meet and greet at the airport

➤Visiting a maral (Siberian Red Deer) farm and degustation of tea with Altai maral antlers

➤Check-in at the hotel in Chemal Resort area

➤Optional ATV safari tour or rafting

Marin Island Resort imageMarin Island Resort

We recommend taking flight S7 at 00:45 from Moscow with arrival in Gorno-Altaysk at 09:05 because we have a budy day ahead, Begin our journey along the Chuysky trakt, the most beautiful road in Russia and one of 10 world's most iconic roads according to National Geographic. The first stop on the way will be a maral breeding farm, where we’ll have an exciting excursion.

Maral farm imageMaral farm

Maral is an Altai deer, one of the most famous and widespread subspecies of the noble deer in Russia. This is a large parrot animal from the deer family, weighing up to 400 kg. Body length over 2.5 meters, height at the withers an average of 1.7 meters. Altai maral is a wild animal massively bred in Russia, in order to obtain antlers - maral horns, raw materials for the production of pantocrine, one of the best biostimulants of natural origin. From June onwards, you can experience "panth bath" - a secret of long life expetancy of Altai people. We recommend Marin Island 4* for an overnight stay, other options available on request.

Wildlife imageWildlife

It is a beautiful animal with a proudly thrown head and big horns. Maral is almost the same deer, better known in Europe as a noble deer, in Siberia its variety is called "izyubr", and in northern America - wapiti. Maral, like all noble deer, is a very large animal, the second largest after moose. Height up to 170 cm, weight up to 400 kg, strength and powerful horns give him the opportunity to resist any predator. Even wolves rarely attact an adult maral. In nature, marals are careful and try not to show themselves to people's eyes. And there are good reasons for this. After all, it was deer that for a long time was the main hunting prey of people. Only man had the power to bite on this forest giant.

Katun River imageKatun River

The Katun River is Altai's iconic hotspot. Translated from Altai language, Katun is the mistress (kadyn). Katun flows from south to north almost throughout entire Altai, and where it did not find a way good way through, numerous rapids provides endless opportunities for rafting of any level including the white rafting. Katun is born from the waters of the Katun Glacier (Gebler Glacier) on the southern slope of Mount Belukha, in Kazakhstan, flows along the Altai Mountain and to the Altai. Not far from Biysk, Katun meets with the other main river of Altai - Biya, forming the great Siberian river, Ob. Swimming in the reservoir, the Siberians embrace the mysterious energy of sacred Mount Belukha. Another option of the day is to experience ATV ride near Manzherok mountain. However we recommend trekking in Chemal to relax and prepare yourself for adventures ahead.

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