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3038 m above sea level

Off the beaten path imageOff the beaten path

Today we take up up to the mountains to where the skies are blue. Aktash repeater - radio relay tower URS 08609, which provides communication to the Altai Republic, height 3038 m. The repeater is famous for its stunning views around. From here the North Chuy ridge, the Kurai steppe like a palm, and on clear windless days you can see the majestic Belukha,. an iconic symbol of Altai, accessible only during 10-12 days trek tours or by a helicopter. Here, at 3038 above sea leavel, is the best viewing point to see this mountain.

Mount Belukha - the highest point of the Altai Mountain, is part of the Katun ridge, which stretches 150 km. Located on the border of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. The upper point itself is located in the Ust-Koksa district o Altai. The route leading to the repeater itself is very beautiful and fascinating though be prepared for tough ride.

Off the beaten path imageOff the beaten path

Until the mid-90s, the Aktash mercury mine was located in these places. Aktash itself was once founded to serve this mine. But the country no longer needs mercury in such quantities and no one needs the mine, along with all its subsoil. For a couple of decades he was stolen, dragged to building materials. And what man failed to do was nature. Now only the remains of several buildings and mountains of spent slag remain from the mine.

But the mine gave the world the way up, and this is the main thing for tourists. Leaving Aktash towards Ulagan a couple of kilometers later you need to turn right in front of the first bridge. Then you will find 4.5 km of road of terrible quality. This is primarily due to the fact that the Yarlyamra River, along which the road runs, leaves the coast in the spring and washes soil out of the road.

Evening pleasures imageEvening pleasures

Return to Aktash to relax before another big day tomorrow. The magical smell of cedar, cozy relaxation room, spacious and hot steam room, relaxing hamam, sauna, phytocouple, swimming pool, lovely, fragrant and useful herbal tea after all treatments - we have the full range of services to make the holiday unforgettable, and make sure our guests recharge their batteries.

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