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Kurai Steppe & Chulyshman

Kurai Steppe imageKurai Steppe

Day Schedule


➤Kurai Steppe

➤Red Gate

➤Mountain passes Ulagan

➤Mountain pass Katu-Yaruk, view on Chulyshman River Valley

➤Return to Chuysky Tract

➤Ovenight in a guest house

Kurai Steppe imageKurai Steppe

Your day begins with a morning drive to the Kurai Steppe, famous for its incredibly photogenic landscapes. South of the village of Kurai, there is one of the most spectacular fields of giant current ripples in the world. Here as nowwhere else in Altai, we feel this incredible power of nature, our connection to the universe and endless freedom.

Katu Yaruk imageKatu Yaruk

Take a road to, perhaps, the most picturesque Altai mountain pass - Katu-Yaryk. Passing through the Red Gate Gorge, named for the reddish shade of the surrounding rocks, you find yourself on a mountain road, following through numerous lakes and passes, starting from the Ulagan Pass and ending with the Katu-Yaryk Pass, from which an incredible breathtaking view of the Chulyshman river valley opens. Many travelers go to Altai just to see the magical Katu-Yaryk that can’t help but amaze everyone who has reached these wild beautiful lands.

Katu-Yaryk is a unique pass. The pass is a descent from the Ulagansky plateau to the valley of the Chulyshman River - it is a 3.5-kilometer zigzag of 9 loops, cut down in the ~ 70 ° slope of the mountain, with an 800 m height difference, a "single track" over the abyss, you can only leave with oncoming cars at turns (there are small pockets).

Chuysky Tract imageChuysky Tract

Chuysky Trakt is one of 10 world's most beautfil roads as listed by the National Geographic. From Katu Yaruk pass, you start your return to Gorno-Altaisk. Tonight, stay in a guest house in Onguday, located along one of the most famous roads in the world.

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