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Arrive Volgograd & Lake Elton

Elton Salt Lake imageElton Salt Lake

Welcome to Volgograd, one of the largest cities in Russia, located in the middle of the endless steppes of the South of the country. Upon arrival, you will be met by a guide and move to the east of the Volgograd Oblast to see the main natural attraction of this region - Lake Elton. This real miracle of nature is the largest salt lake in Europe, spread out among flat steppe terrain on an area of ​​152 sq. km.

Elton lake during sunset imageElton lake during sunset

Among the deserted Trans-Volga steppe - a huge bowl of Lake Elton with water of a golden-pink hue is bordered by a wide strip of snow-white salt crystals sparkling in the sun. It is difficult to find a place that could compare with Elton in beauty and variety of landscapes: shallow lake waters, beaches, salt marshes, picturesque deltas of flowing rivers, gullies, ravines, valleys. You will certainly see the sunset on the lake, when Elton is especially picturesque and bright. Deep subtle shades of red, pale pink, yellow and gold with copper tints of colors create the illusion of a dense mirror presence on the lake surface at sunset.

Kumis imageKumis

You will spend the night in a hotel complex by the lake, where you will also have the opportunity to taste the real healing kumis made from mare's milk in the village of Elton. For thousands of years, kumis has been a favorite drink of the nomadic peoples of Eurasia.

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