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Camels & Mekletinskiye Lakes

Bactrian camels imageBactrian camels

After breakfast, you will have a ride to the shepherd's camp of the Kalmyks-Oirats from Mongolia, who continue to lead their traditional nomadic lifestyle today. You will be able to closely familiarize yourself with the life of the shepherds watching over the real herd of Bactrian camels. You should definitely not miss the opportunity to ride these unique animals!

Mekletinskiye Lakes imageMekletinskiye Lakes

After a traditional Kalmyk lunch, you will move to one of the main natural attractions of Kalmykia - the salty Mekletinskiye lakes, which, thanks to the microscopic crustacean Artemia Salina, turn pink in color during summer season. The lakes are also famous for their curative mud, which is used in the treatment of skin diseases and in the production of cosmetics.

Sand Dunes in Kalmykia imageSand Dunes in Kalmykia

In addition, you will visit a burning source - an artesian well that can be set on fire with a simple match, as well as a natural sandy desert, which gives the unique feeling of being in North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula! Local dunes are called singing dunes, because in dry weather the sands emit a sound similar to an organ. At the end of the program, you will return to your hotel in Elista.

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