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Black Lands Reserve & Astrakhan

Kalmykia landscapes imageKalmykia landscapes

After breakfast and a check-out from the hotel, you will move to the Black Lands biosphere reserve located in the east of Kalmykia. This place is the only testing ground in Europe and Russia for studying steppe, semi-desert and desert landscapes.

Tibetan antelopes imageTibetan antelopes

In addition, it is home to a large population of saigas known as Tibetan antelopes. In recent years, saigas have spent most of their time in protected areas, where they feel safe. During the excursion, you will have a chance to observe not only numerous saigas, but also other representatives of Kalmyk flora and fauna. After a visit to the Black Lands reserve you will continue your way to the city of Astrakhan, located not far from the Volga delta. The Astrakhan region was once the heart of the powerful medieval steppe empire of the Golden Horde. Upon arrival in Astrakhan, you will stay overnight in a cozy hotel in the city center.

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