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Buryat people imageBuryat people

Day Schedule

➤ Arrive Irkutsk

➤ Meet your guide at the airport

➤ Transfer to Ust Orda Buryat village

➤ Tour, cooking master class and national lunch

➤ Transfer to eco lodge at the shores of Lake Baikal

Maloe More shores imageMaloe More shores

Upon arrival in Irkutsk meet & greet in the airport. Then start your journey to gorgeous Lake Baikal.

Today, we will take a closer look at the cultural heritage of the people living on Lake Baikal - Russians and Buryats. First, we’ll move go to the Buryat settlement Ust-Ordya, where you’ll have a chance to come into the real yurt and be greeted by ancient traditions. Buryats will introduce you to national folklore - songs and dances, throat singing. Meet the Buryat shaman. The landlady will teach you to cook the Buryat national dish - buuza. Taste national Buryat meals for lunch.

Then we will move to a cozy eco-lodge located on the shores of the Maloye More Strait, which separates the mainland from Olkhon Island. We’ll spend a night in comfortable wooden cabins with bathrooms.

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