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Maloe more and ATV ride

ATV ride imageATV ride

After breakfast we’ll have a 3 hours ATV ride along the coast of the Maloye More strait , ending a ride in the endless expanses of the Tazheranskaya Steppe. We’ll drive up to the mountains for a photo session at the observation point with the best views over Maloye More Strait and Baikal. The location itself is famous for being the old shamanism center and we will even see a few artefacts.

Maloe More imageMaloe More

After the end of the ATV ride, we’ll check out from our cozy eco-lodge and move by boat to Olkhon Island, known as the “heart of Baikal”! The island is saturated with ancient Buryat legends, the spirit of shamanism and the energy of the sacred Lake Baikal. Upon arrival, we’ll be transferred to a comfortable guesthouse. In the evening, you can explore the area on your own. Moreover, during the summer months, the water can warm up to a comfortable temperature for swimming, so we advise you not to forget to bring your bathing accessories!

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