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Lake Teletskoe in winter imageLake Teletskoe in winter

Day Schedule

➤ Arrive Gorno -Altaysk in the morning

➤ Time for breakfast

➤ Transfer to Teletskoe Lake

➤ Visiting Kaichi museum en route

➤ Transfer to the lodge

➤ Dinner

Altai culture imageAltai culture

00:35 am flight to Gorno-Altaysk (4,5 h flying time), arrive 09.00 am (local time). Altai Mountains, Russian Altay, is complex mountain system of Central Asia extending approximately 1,200 miles in a southeast-northwest direction from the Gobi Desert to the West Siberian Plain. Altai is one of the most amazing travel destinations in Russia: wild, extraordinarily beautiful and remote.

Here we will get acquainted with the unique culture of Altai, Kaichi, and the culture of endangered peoples: Tubalars, Chelkans, Kumandins (if you have Russian QR code, we may also visit National Museum in Gorno - Altaisk)

The museum presents the biography and work of the famous Altai storyteller Nikolai Ulagashevich Ulagashev. He was one of the most ancient Altai storytellers, an outstanding guardian of the centuries-old heritage of oral folk art of the Altai peoples.

In addition to the life and work of the eminent Altai storyteller-order bearer, many materials are presented that reflect the life and work of the indigenous peoples of Altai. There is no better way to understand Altai than to learn about heroic tales.

Three-headed ail features an exposition of Altai culture, a workshop of folk crafts and a large ail which serves as a place for various cultural events.

Teletskoe in winter imageTeletskoe in winter

The length of Lake Teletskoye is 78 km, the maximum width is more than 5 km. The lake occupies the 25th place in the world in depth, in terms of fresh water reserves it is the second largest in Russia after Lake Baikal. The mass of the water of Lake Teletskoye is so large (more than 40 cc km) that at its average annual temperature of 4 degrees it creates its unique Teletsky microclimate - cool wet summers and very snowy and mild winters. The air temperature in winter here is 10 degrees higher than in Siberia in average. Since 1998, it is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lake resort imageLake resort

Transfer to the lodge, a wildlife oasis surrounded by mountains and intact forest. It is quiet and calm here, there is not a single building within a radius of five hundred meters. The hotel is cozily located on the shore of the beautiful Teletskoe Lake, the largest lake of Altai mountains.

The lodge features just 17 comfortable rooms. There is a restaurant and excellent service await you. Unlike recreation centers, the hotel has a restaurant and Russian Banya.

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