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Swans wintering, Altai imageSwans wintering, Altai

Check out after breakfast. We depart to Barnaul which is 415 km away however the day will not be spent in vain. Near Biysk, we will visit the largest in Russia swans wintering spot. Altai National Reserve “Lebediniy” occupies thirty-eight thousand hectares (147 square miles). It blends meadows, forests, swamps and one hundred kilometers of the river Katun itself with about seventy inhabited islands. The reserve maintains the ecological balance of the entire region, and it is especially important as a wintering place for whooper swans and other birds, and as a breeding site of elk, roe, badger, rabbit, beaver-rat, beaver, min and Siberian stripped weasel.

Swans wintering, Altai imageSwans wintering, Altai

Packed lunch today. Proceed to Barnaul for check in. Tomorrow our train departs at 2:44 pm, so you will have enough time to rest and get ready for your Trans Siberian train adventure. Mind you will have a connection in Novosibirsk.

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