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A tour to Russia is not complete without a tour to Moscow, the heart of Russia and one of the oldest cities in the country. It was founded in 1147. Moscow is a city of bright contrasts where quiet patriarchal courts and small streets adjoin to futuristic business centers, and old neighborhoods are interspersed with modern high-rises.

World-famous sightseeing spots such as St Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin & Red Square, the Tretyakov State Art Gallery, hundreds of amazing sights and beautiful places attract tourists from all around the world. We at Discovery Russia have carefully selected the most exciting places to visit in Moscow. Welcome aboard!

Another Kremlin imageAnother Kremlin

"Moskva" village was founded on the banks of Moscow River, alongside with hundreds of villages of the same kind. The fact is, no one can tell you for sure why this village has eventually grown to become Russia's vibrant capital. Was it the specific location? Goodwill of its powerful rules? Or simply fate?

Each of our professional guides has own view and perception on the city's history and eager to share their knowledge. We also recommend to visit Zaryadye Park and watch a 3D short movie about Moscow's history. Zaryadye Park is located next to the Kremlin & Red Square, it was included into "100 places to visit now" list by the "Time" magazine in 2018.

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Moscow witnessed all the major events in Russia's history and shared many dramatic moments with its residents. Tsars, Emperors and Communist leaders, all stepped inside the Kremlin walls through centuries. World's bloodiest war, WWII, left so many traces here. And humankind's greatest achievement - the first man sent to space - was welcomed back on Earth on these streets. Moscow has inspired top Russia's artists, painters, composers and writers. Its museums keep the unique collections of the fine arts, including the largest collections of Russian cultural heritage.

Group tour: welcome dinner.

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