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Moscow metro, art modern and Gorky Park

Morozov's house imageMorozov's house

In search of inspiration the young tycoon Arseniy Morozov and his architect, Victor Mazyrin, travelled to Europe. They were looking for something new, something astonishing and fresh not seen in Russia before. Long months of travel finally led them to Portugal, where in splendid Sintra they discovered the pearl of Portugal, Pena Palace. They immediately returned to Russia and started the construction of a residence which soon became the most unusual and thus controversial building of those times (1895-1899). Acclaimed as much as criticized the Morozov house is one of the highlights of our special "Moscow, modern style" tour.

Moscow metro imageMoscow metro

You can spend hours wandering Moscow's underground palaces.

Moscow metro imageMoscow metro

Moscow Metro never fails to amaze travelers.

Gorky Park imageGorky Park

Get a breath of fresh air at Gorky Park, the city’s favourite place to hang out of a summer’s evening. Flanking the Moscow river, it’s almost like a freshwater seaside, with rollercoasters, boating, horse-riding, tennis courts and even a ‘beach’ for a spot of sunbathing in July and August (yes, it does reach 35°C in Moscow!) The skating rinks and sparkling festive markets make it a good one for winter, too. More a more traditional day out, wander over to the older part of the park, where you’ll find formal gardens, nineteenth century summerhouses and an outdoor amphitheatre.

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