GUM department store imageGUM department store

Oh no, we forgot shopping!! Do come back! Moscow is a never-ending story to tell.

Moscow City imageMoscow City

Moscow City, the city of the twenty-first century?

Ostrovsky Museum imageOstrovsky Museum

Have you seen Old Moscow - ten minutes from the Kremlin by foot?

Vasnetsov Museum imageVasnetsov Museum

And to a fairy-tale museum of one of the most famous Russian painters, Vasnetsov?

Turandot Restaurant imageTurandot Restaurant

Have we taken you to Turandot for dinner?

View from Ostankino TV Tower imageView from Ostankino TV Tower

Or a visit to Ostankino TV tower?

Be a pilot imageBe a pilot

Oh, no! Leaving already? There is so much we haven't yet shown you! What about a Cessna flight over Moscow?

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