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Avacha Bay imageAvacha Bay

We have chartered for your a luxury catamaran with a great team on board for a day of deep-sea fishing and to enjoy the magnificent views on volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Avacha and Koryak. We will see large and seal rookeries, killer whales and dolphins, and will catch a Big Fish, grouper or halibut! You will visit Avacha Bay, Russian Bay, Starichkov Island - all the top nature's attractions. Fishing equipment is on board, success is guaranteed! Hot lunch and drinks on board.

Kamchatka imageKamchatka

The Starichkov Island is a nature sanctuary and protected area thanks to unique birds' rookery. It is a limited access area, as birds nest here. In total, there are 44 nested colonies of ten species of sea colonial birds, such as hatchets, cormorants, willocks, seagulls.

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