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Bunker-42 imageBunker-42

Bunker 42 is a very interesting place to visit, and a stark reminder of how close the world came to nuclear war just fifty years ago. Bunker 42 is a declassified military object in Russia, located 65 metres underground, right in the centre of Moscow!

Bunker-42. The Carribean Crisis Table imageBunker-42. The Carribean Crisis Table

Bunker 42 is a real, anti-nuclear bunker, used as the Kremlin's base-camp during the Caribbean Crisis. You will visit the Cold War Interactive Museum and see unique artifacts. Photography is permitted only in certain parts of the museum.

Izmailovo Kremlin imageIzmailovo Kremlin

Izmaylovo Kremlin to the east of Moscow represents a totally different style of architecture

Izmailovo Kremlin imageIzmailovo Kremlin

It also includes an open air museum of wooden architecture.

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