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Peterhof Palace imagePeterhof Palace

297031—that’s the number of museum objects in world-famous Peterhof. Located near the seashore of the Gulf of Finland, Peterhof Palaces, Gardens and Parks are spread over more than four hundred hectares, and include thirty-one museums.

Peterhof Palace imagePeterhof Palace

We will visit the main palace to have a glimpse of the glory and fame of the Russian tsars, the Imperial Yacht exhibition, then walk around to enjoy the stunning seafront park as the true beauty of St Petersburg goes far beyond its city borders.

Peterhof  Fountains imagePeterhof Fountains

The Peterhof Grand Palace open hours: 10.30 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily, except Mondays Peterhof Fountain Park: Open all year round, but in winter season (October – May) the fountains are closed. They start operating in the end of April. The season start is marked by a beautiful Fountain Festival. In 2019 the Fountain Festival is planned on May 19. In May – September the park is open from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m

Peterhof Fountains imagePeterhof Fountains

The Opening Ceremony of Peterhof’s Fountains it is a grand Spring Festival which gives rise to the Fountain Season. Each fountain will be turned on one by one. The show will be accompanied by musical performances, fireworks and celebrations.

Peterhof Palace imagePeterhof Palace

Interiors, as usual in Russia, are all made of gold.


“A Great Tour I travelled to Russia for the first time wanted to see some military history, in addition to the general sightseeing. I decided to focus on Moscow and a bit of St Petersburg. A lot has been said about Moscow being a splendid and energizing city, I would have to agree. A highlight in Moscow was the Kubinka Tank museum – what a place! It’s outside of Moscow, so I used the excellent guide, car and driver provided by Discovery Russia. We left city early in the morning to be the first in line for the museum opening. The museum is huge and I could have easily stayed there all day. Igor, the guide was very knowledgeable, especially about different Russian and German vehicles in the collection. I also went to Central Museum of the Armed Forces . It is one of numerous museums in Moscow where you can see many historic aircraft from WWII through to the end of the Cold War. The aircraft are all on display outside, pretty tightly placed together with tanks, artillery and missiles. The collection includes MIG and Sukhoi sircraft, I really liked the location. St Petersburg is a stunning city. I had a lovely guide, Olesya, she was helpful and knowledgeable. My entire trip was perfectly timed thanks to regular checking by Maria from the Moscow office and all changes (I asked to stay 1 more night in Moscow and change my train ticket to St Petersburg) were rearranged smoothly. I would recommend any tourist thinking of a trip to Russia to use a Discovery Russia. Our experience was so good I’d like to come back for another set of military museums, Kursk and Stalingrad perhaps. Thank You.”

James B
Sydney, Australia

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