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High speed train imageHigh speed train

Check out from your hotel and transfer to the train station. A journey from the centre of St. Petersburg to the centre of Moscow - or vice versa - now takes only 4 hours by a modern high speed train. Top two Russian cities are now connected more conveniently to enrich your Russian travel experience. No traffic jams on your way to an airport, no Xrays and long security check, no boarding waiting time - just 4 hours to relax and enjoy the endless Russian forests and prairies - and you reach from the Hermitage to the Kremlin.

The Kremlin and Red Square imageThe Kremlin and Red Square

Plus, your Discovery Russia travel specialist can issue and amend your tickets online 24/7 easily adjusting to flexible travel schedule. You can travel when you are ready. "Sapsan" trains are frequent and tickets are always available though we recommend purchase in advance to get better rates during peak season.

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