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After breakfast we will drive to a winter reindeer camp (70 km). The reindeer-herding people still live on the tundra and have preserved their traditional and nomadic way of life. They migrate around this huge landscape all year round, following their herds in search of food. The reindeer provide the tundra people with everything they need: food, shelter (a traditional “chum” is stitched together from reindeer pelts), reindeer-pelt clothes. Reindeer are the main means of transport, and a source of income from selling meat and hides. In this community, the more reindeers you have, the wealthier you are. A smart reindeer owner knows where to take his herds for a better and works hard to keep his herds growing.

The ride imageThe ride

We will spend a day with the tribe, experiencing a nomadic way of life that you would hardly believe exists in the northern territories. Deer sledding and feeding, photo sessions in national costumes. Have lunch with the tribal people, and taste traditional food. Shop for local souvenirs (deer products: no surprise!)

We return to Arkhangelsk the same day and spend the night in a comfortable 4* hotel.

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