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Pinezh Caves imagePinezh Caves

After breakfast we will take a tour deep into Golubin Downfall Cave. Pinezh Caves is a natural phenomenon, with the largest and most numerous karstic limestone caves and grotto systems in European Russia; Golubin Downfall is the most beautiful and yet accessible of them.

Emerging from the caves, we shall walk deep into a winter forest to see a waterfall in thaw. As we travel through a real taiga forest, your guide will tell you mysterious stories about the forest’s residents, wildlife and nature.

After lunch we will have a culinary master-class and bake traditional local pies and the Pomory speciality shan’ga. Sub-glacial fishing is another extraordinary experience awaiting you today in the Pinezh Natural Reserve. We will prepare a classic hot Russian banya for you, to end this intense day. Dinner will be served at our hotel.

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