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Welcome to the Russian North!

Zaostrovye imageZaostrovye

Although “Russian North” as a name is more about culture and history than geography, it also describes a huge area spreading from the Russia-Finland border in the east to the Ural Mountains in the west. The area's population is mostly of Russian-Finnish origin and now represents an ethnic group called “Pomory”; or, “the sea people”.

Arrival in Arkhangelsk and city tour. Arkhangelsk was the first marine trade port in Russia, and the first sea gateway to Europe; both the Russian navy and merchant fleet were born here. Enjoy lunch with local specialities and seafood.

Unlike the rest of Russia, the severe climatic conditions and the short summer have not permitted traditional agriculture. Instead, these brave people have been travelling around the Northern Ocean in fragile wooden boats for centuries, and have been discovering new lands to the East

With a comfortable short drive (30 km), we will travel back in time to a unique open-air museum of Northern wooden architecture, “Malye Korely”. We’ll spend the night here; in a modern and cozy country resort.

Winter in Arkhangelsk imageWinter in Arkhangelsk

After lunch, we drive to Zaostrovye, a five hundred year-old village set on a collection of small islands. This is the home of one of the oldest wooden houses and typical streets of that time. In the colder months, the area is just as you would imagine the classic Russian winter would look like in all the famous Russian novels. Here we visit the area’s iconic landmark: a seventeenth century wooden church with semicircular walls. The church happens to be the only religious building of its type remaining in the world.

Aurora Borealis can often be seen in this region until late March.

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