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Roads of fame

Kotelnikovo area imageKotelnikovo area

EARLY WAKE UP. TOUR TO KOTELNIKOVO via TINGUTA-Abganerovo-Aksai-VERKHNEKUMSKIY will take all day long and will be a serious adventure itself. We will follow the way which was taken by the group of Panzer army of Hoth/ Erich von Manstein (Dec 1942) to relieve German 4th Panzer and 6th Armies trapped in Stalingrad - the "Winter Storm" operation and the famous battle on the river Myshkova.

Kotelnikovo area imageKotelnikovo area

During the tour you can also visit local museum in Kotelnikovo to see the panorama of Liberation of Kotelnikovo. Roads are truly bad here, to add to your experience some reality of that times...We expect to be back to Volgograd between 19.00 and 22.00. Today we will have driven at least 800 km and see/visit uncountable memorials all around. Your Discovery Russia guide will determine more precise schedule for you based on your preferences.

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