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Stalingrad - Volgograd

Motherland calls monument imageMotherland calls monument

Take a guided city tour visiting all the highlights: the Mamayev Hill memorial complex (the main height #102.0), Motherland calls monument, Square of Fallen Fighters, Alley of Heroes of Stalingrad and WW2, Eternal Flame, Chuikov street, Central Embankment of 62nd Army, Central River port, Square and memorial of Vladimir Lenin and many others. We proceed to the Pavlov's House famous for being defended for 58 days and being specially marked at Friedrich Paulus' personal map. You will see the Hall of Glory, Not a Step Backwards Memorial, ruins of the buidlings and other traces of the battle.

Friedrich Paulus's surrender place imageFriedrich Paulus's surrender place

We travel around the entire city trying to reconnect with the past and hear the echo of those dark days. Every street, every house has a story to tell. We visit and observe all important points of resistance such as Grain Elevator and others. Our tour continues with a visit to th headquarter of the 6th German Army, paying special attention to the sport where Friedrich Paulus surrendered in the basement of the central department store.

Museum "the Battle of Stalingrad" imageMuseum "the Battle of Stalingrad"

At the end of the day, we visit open air Weapon of Victory exhibition and "The Battle of Stalingrad" museum. This is one of the biggest WWII museums in the world with hundreds of unique exhibits. For a serios military history traveler, the place worths a day visit.

Volgograd railway station imageVolgograd railway station a top attraction itself! It still keeps lots of Soviet heritage.

Grain Elevator imageGrain Elevator

Grain Elevator is hard to miss. In the evening, take a sunset cruise at Volga river.

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